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Black Ops 2: 4 Things We Want To See

Black Ops 2: 4 Things We Want To See


4. Insta-banning For Players Using The Noob Tube


The humble grenade launcher is immensely popular because anyone can use it and it is devastatingly effective. Too effective: it requires no skill. Over the years we’ve told this to the producers of Black Ops, Homefront and Modern Warfare 3, and each time they laughed nervously and seemed unable to answer the question as to what to do about it.


Being the geniuses we are however, we’ve figured it out. It’s very simple, really: every time you use the noob tube (which is once, in this instance) then you get banned from COD Elite, PSN and The Beano Fan Club. That’ll learn ‘em.


3. Removal of Overpowered Weapons


It’s all well and good saying that you’ll ‘balance the weapons’, Mr Developer Man, but we don’t believe you. We’ve played enough COD to realise by now that some guns are overpowered, and some never get used.


The ones that never get used aren’t a problem of course, but people abusing OP weapons is a nightmare. Tried to play Modern Warfare 3 lately? Everyone using the RSASS rifle, sometimes with an ACOG scope on it? Killing you before you get a chance to even think? Thought so.


Nerfing guns seems like a good solution, but nah. Get rid, we say. Sure there will eventually only be one weapon left, but won’t we all be happy then?


2. The Ability To Choose Your Map


Battlefield gives you the choice of which map you play on. That Call of Duty still doesn’t, 50,000 years after COD 4, is stupid. And, should we leave a game having been dissatisfied with the level we dropped into, don’t put us back in the same one.



 1. No Attack Dogs Killstreak


Because, come on people, they’re rubbish. No further explanation is necessary.

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  • David James Novack

    I have a strange feeling, as if a million CoD fan boys cried out in rage and were suddenly silenced. Good article by the way.

  • Do’G

    Personally MR Novack i disagree. The constant moaning from you lot is pathetic. IT really is. If you dont like the game dont play it. it really is that simple. If friends/family or a random stranger is talking about MW3, either leave the room, ask them to change the subject or grin and bear it. This whole battlefield is better the MW3 is getting so old and childish.
    l prefer MW3 over battlefield 3. why? it’s because its far easier to jump in play a few games and then turn it off. In MW3 its all about winning and ending the game as victor. battlefield is and awesome game but the squad base system is so flawed (not just this game but every game that utilizes this system). squad members hardily ever heal you, replenish your ammo, its irritating.
    You lot need to stop acting like women except the fact that some people enjoy games you don’t

  • Rhys

    Attack dogs seriously suck. Especially in Black Ops. My whole team had to stay together otherwise we would’ve gotten killed by idiot soldiers or their berserk pets.

  • David James Novack

    Do’G that was not targeted at the game or the players of the game, only at the players who OBSESS over the game. I hate all fan boys, I hold a grudge against anyone who will play only one game series when there are so many good games to play. I personally own all of the Modern Warfare’s, but I extend my grip to other games as well, such as the Rocksteady Batman games and one of my personal favorites the Bioshock series.

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