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Better on PS4

Better on PS4

It’s a good time to be a PlayStation fan. We’ve always had the best games, but now it’s a simple fact that we’ve got the best hardware as well, multiplatform games frequently looking far better n PS4 than Xbox One. Here’s a trilogy of games that prove our point:


This news comes directly from the horses mouth (Kojima), the revelation that the PS4 version of Ground Zeroes runs at a full 1080p resolution while the Xbox One edition is relegated to 720. It’s not just resolution, either: look at the two versions side by side and you WILL see a difference. You’ll need a decent sized TV to really make the most of the higher resolution, but the general difference in graphical quality is simple to see on any screen. There’s only room for one Snake, and one Big Boss… and it’s on PS4.


A slightly smaller difference than MGS, but still substantial: the Xbox One version of Thief runs at 900p, paltry in comparison to the full 1080 of PS4. The disparity we are seeing in some many games could be down to two things. Either the PS4 is that much more powerful, or the development hardware is far easier to use – this was the reason many multiplatform games looked better on 360, with easy to use architecture compared to the confusing PS3 Cell architecture. The reverse seems to be true this gen, with PS4 being the developer’s tool of choice.


This is the game that showed us the difference between PS4 and Xbox One. We’d heard the two looked different, but seeing them side-by-side was still a surprise. The PS4 version of Ghosts looks remarkably better than that on the Xbox One, all while maintaining the 60fps that makes the series so fast and furious. With three great examples so early in the console’s lifespan, it’s clear that good things are on the way for PS4 fans.

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