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Batman: Arkham City – “We’ve Still Got More Reveals To Come”

Batman: Arkham City – “We’ve Still Got More Reveals To Come”

There are more characters from the Batman universe set to be revealed for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City, according to Dax Ginn, marketing game manager at Rocksteady Studios.

Speaking to Play about the slow trickle of character reveals, Ginn said:

“We’re pretty strict at Rocksteady in terms of what assets we allow out of the studio, and everyone knows how important it is to make those reveals have as much impact as possible… we’ve still got some more reveals to come.”

Who that could mean, we do not know. Batgirl? Mr Freeze? King Tut? It could conceivably be anyone in the Batman universe, such is Rocksteady’s penchant for bringing in the marquee names along with the niche characters, purely to give the true fanboys a bit of a tingle. As Ginn admitted:

“We reinterpret those characters – you can see our reinterpretation of The Riddler is pretty dark, our interpretation of Penguin is really dark – so [DC/Warner] give us a lot of creative freedom to push those characters in really interesting directions. But, much like Arkham Asylum, we really want to make sure there’s a load of obscure nods to other aspects of Batman’s history as well, because Batman fans really dig that stuff.”

You can hear more from Ginn and see more of Batman: Arkham City in issue 208 of Play, out today. Right now. To buy. With your money. It’s a fine read and contains a lot of stuff you’re not going to see anywhere else, so go pick it up from all good newsagents, the Imagine Shop or for your iDevice on iTunes.

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