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‘Ban All Games’ Say Daily Mail Readers, Unsurprisingly

‘Ban All Games’ Say Daily Mail Readers, Unsurprisingly

What one Mail reader's kids were playing, yesterday.

Anders Breivik is on trial in Norway for the murder of 77 people in July of 2011. The case is currently captivating the mainstream media – and plenty of us folks, let’s not forget – with stories popping up everywhere, with every minute detail of the trial and proceedings filling newsfeeds.

Now I’m not going to comment on how this is giving a clearly deluded man a platform from which to spout his nonsensical views (I’d say ‘read his manifesto for proof of said nonsensical views’, but I wouldn’t want to put anyone though that crap) and I could spout off some other guff about it. But that’s not important here – we are a videogaming site.

As such we are brought into play as soon as videogames are mentioned. And mentioned they have been. But we’re not even going to go down the traditional route of defending games with obvious arguments, because everyone else is doing that.

No, what we want to do is go to the Daily Mail (WARNING: link contains Daily Mail), click ‘worst rated’ on the comments section and show you some of the best-worst.

Harry Goodhead says:

“Ban these games now..plus jail all those playing them..its the cause of the breakdown in our society.”

A fair and even reaction, no doubt. God Will Judge This Nation throws in:

“What are they waiting for, ban these games.”

Perfectly fair – what are ‘they’ waiting for? Mr Williams – I assume that’s not his real first name – adds:

“The question is, why do humans want to indulge in horror movies, violent films, violent video games, use the message of violence in music such as rap etc. etc. It is not about I told you, there is a stream of evil that has been recorded from the earliest historical records right up to this present day of which we can determine by the world events and news. Even children are in films which portray gore, violence and evil, this in itself is a form of child abuse. And so to the mindset of those who create all this, is this what we call normal? Thanks God for judgment. It is coming.”

I… the… yeah. Then Mr B comes along and shows he doesn’t pay attention to age ratings, stating:

“i’ve taken these games off my children after reading this. i don’t want them becoming killers”

But hey, can’t fault him for not wanting his kids to be killers.

Anyway, you get the point. It’s a horrible, terrible situation no doubt – but at least we can still chuckle about something. Or be afraid of some more people, depending on how you want to look at it.

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  • I liked the comment from the mother who lets her 12 year old child play COD games because of the “immense amount of peer pressure he faces at school from his 12 year old friends”. She then proceeded to ask if she was a bad mother, and what should she do about the whole situation.

  • David Stephens

    Your violent games turned my son into a killer, and it was in absolutely no way my fault for being a terrible parent.

    My kids never paid attention in school and are now jobless, but that’s not my fault, it’s TV.

    My kids never even went to school but that’s not my fault, the teachers did nothing to stop it.

    Some people suck at parenting, and at life.

  • hutton121

    “Ban these games now..plus jail all those playing them..its the cause of the breakdown in our society.

    Funniest thing I have read in ages,It would be like a scene from 28 days later with no sod on the streets!!

    The worlds economy would come to a stand still and nations would fall.

    Online kiddie perverts would go unpunished as the police are to busy arresting the kiddies in question for playing Fifa.

    This guy must be in politics?

  • shaun

    The daily mail seems to love this idea, they ALWAYS bring it up, their like GRUMPY OLD MEN, i put up my own comment in the crazy mail, hope they publish it.
    but then i came across as a game lover so they of course hate me, hope i die before i (in their crazy minds) commit mass murder because i have 1000 head shots on cod.

    Its a joke, im not going to stop my son playing nintendogs because he might rape a dog!! if he ever rapes a dog, ill be safe in the knowledge that nintendo would of had nothing to do with it.
    Man i hope he never rapes a dog.

    (Disclaimer: no dogs were harmed in the making of this comment)

  • Conor

    The people who read that paper should be locked away,FOREVER