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Alternative meanings for PlayStation’s buttons

Alternative meanings for PlayStation’s buttons

The designer of PlayStation, Teiyu Goto, has explained the thinking behind the system’s iconic button layout, bringing us into a whole new world of understanding. As he said:

“The triangle refers to viewpoint; I had it represent one’s head or direction and made it green. Square refers to a piece of paper; I had it represent menus or documents and made it pink. The circle and X represent ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision-making and I made them red and blue respectively. People thought those colors were mixed up, and I had to reinforce to management that that’s what I wanted.”

But, well – they’re a bit too boring for us. So we’ve come up with our own suggestions for what the buttons could mean. GO:

Triangle: If it was a red triangle it would mean ‘warning’, but as it’s a green one it means ‘everything is great’. This constantly reminds the player that things are actually good, and offers them a confidence boost throughout all the time they are gaming, thus proving once and for all games are good for you.

Square: The square, looking as it does like a box, makes the player think of a box, which is made from cardboard. Cardboard is recyclable – thus the player is made to think of recycling, and remembers they should always recycle. In short: the square button saves the world.

Circle: The meaning of this is Simba, with the button representing life, love, loss, exile, befriending a singing warthog, coming of age, returning from exile and eventually causing the death of your uncle, voiced by Jeremy Irons. Well, it’s a better reason than “it means yes”.

Cross: This button is to be pressed whenever you are angry – or ‘cross’ – thus supplanting any need to argue with anyone on the internet ever again. After all, if it’s all been boiled down to a single button press, why would you bother?

Now any of those explanations would have been much more exciting, we’re sure you’d agree.

[via Kotaku]

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  • BUb

    This isn’t even funny..

  • Ian Dransfield

    I disagree. But then, I would.

  • David Fletcher

    Now I did find this funny! The X button makes sense now..