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Alternative Endings To… Heavy Rain

Alternative Endings To… Heavy Rain


Last time I wrote an Alternative Endings piece for the Play blog, the first comment said, “Please dont do heavy rain,” which is like a red rag to a bull, really. So here are some alternative endings to Heavy Rain…

• Having completed all the Origami Killer’s tasks as required, Ethan is directed to the city docks where he finds a submarine piloted by a cat. “Ah, I knew you’d be behind this all along,” he says, then the credits roll.

• With all of Ethan, Madison and Norman’s efforts to track down the Origami Killer having failed, it’s down to a talking Great Dane and his plucky nephew to solve the mystery, rescue Shaun and reveal the true identity of the Origami Killer. Lieutenant Blake pulls off the Scott Shelby mask and the killer is revealed to be none other than David Cage, who turns to the camera and says, “And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you mature, sophisticated gamers out there. Thanks for supporting interactive drama.” Then he blows a kiss toward camera and the Great Dane howls, “Rooby-rooby roooooooooo!”

• The Origami Killer doesn’t get caught and Shaun doesn’t get rescued, but he doesn’t die either. Instead he develops gills and super strength and manages to escape the sewers and meet up with Ethan, Madison, Norman and Scott. They form a superteam called Max Rain and, in a nice set-up for Heavy Rain 2, pledge never to stop fighting crime until every serial killer in the city is behind bars.

• Madison has a really long shower.

• Scott Shelby has a really long shower. Then a poo. Then another shower. David Cage describes this scene as “challenging”.

• Ethan takes on Scott in an epic boss battle. Scott’s attacks include throwing paper darts and picking up Ethan and folding him into the shape of a chaffinch.

• It stops raining.

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  • Sean

    Haha vey funny article, that David Cage is such a character isn’t’ he.