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Alternate endings to… Uncharted 2


It’s an ending that ties up all the loose ends, brings you back from the precipice of despair and finishes with a moment of genuine comedy. In the grand scheme of gaming endings, it’s actually quite a good one – especially as it doesn’t leave anything hanging, or finish with a ridiculous “to be continued” subtitle that makes you very angry indeed. Still, what would we do differently?

Drake stands triumphant; he has defeated the threat to the world, Lazarevic, and everyone he loves and cares about is alive and well. Also Flynn is dead. But as the camera slowly pans up, we see something is amiss – Drake’s face looks slightly lopsided, with a few odd crinkles in the cheeks. The confusion doesn’t last long though, as Drake removes what turns out to be his mask and reveals to the world that he is, in fact, Indiana Jones in disguise. It is then revealed to us that both Uncharted games were actually a marketing campaign for a new Indiana Jones property from LucasFilm. The player feels cheated.

See above, except it turns out Drake is Lara Croft in disguise and the marketing is for a new Tomb Raider. The player still feels cheated.

The Modern Warfare ending would take the gritty, harsh realities of war and transpose them into the world of Drake and co. On defeating Lazaravic, Drake stands triumphant, proud and looking slightly witty. He fails to notice his felled enemy had earlier armed a nuclear device. The game fades to black with a quote from some great thinker of wartime, and the words “Nathan Drake: 19xx – 2009, he will be missed” appear.

The ending happens in exactly the same fashion as it normally does, except Elena dies. Thus begins the series’ journey into a darker, more mature world with more swearing and a duller/browner colour palette.

Instead of ending like normal, the game actually carries on indefinitely. This means the utter joy of one of the best games in recent years is prolonged no end, and we can all die happy in the knowledge that everyone can keep on playing forever.

Naughty Dog: feel free to use any of these endings as you see fit. All we ask is a credit.

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