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All About Space – The Best Space Games On PS3

All About Space – The Best Space Games On PS3

On 28th June, our clever Imagine Publishing comrades will be launching a new magazine, All About Space.

It’s a magazine that is, surprisingly, all about space. It’s also new home of former Play sub Dan Peel, who we can’t bully anymore because he sits too far away in the office to make it worth the effort. We have an All About Space preview and the website, spaceanswers.com, has already launched

To celebrate its forthcoming launch and before we exhaust ‘launch’ any further, here are the best space games on PlayStation 3! We’ve probably missed a few – let us know in the comments if we have.

7. James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game

Because space is apparently full of boring blue horse-people and dull cover shooting.

6. Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Our favourite bit is 4:05 when the camera sparkles and zooms in on his crotch. Does this really happen in space? WE WANT TO GO.

5. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

A little repetitive and not particularly space-y but decent enough, despite Relic not finding any colour beyond brown.

4. Starhawk

It’s Warhawk… in space! Spacehawk would have sounded like an Eighties TV show, so Starhawk it is. Great multiplayer once you learn the ropes.

3. Red Faction: Guerilla

The battle against EDF on Mars was brilliant, thanks to the sci-fi themed destruction. Just remember that Red Faction: Armageddon didn’t really happen.

2. Dead Space & Dead Space 2

Brilliant in that it feels like a true sci-fi horror and even features zero-g sections too. We loved the sequel too, even if it was a bit more action and chatter than horror, and Dead Space 3 has us mildly concerned.

1. Mass Effect 2 & Mass Effect 3

Perfect. Well, apart from the ending of Mass Effect 3.

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