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Agent Is Still Coming, But What Exactly Is It?

Agent Is Still Coming, But What Exactly Is It?

As recently revealed… re-revealed… said… Rockstar’s PS3 exclusive Agent is still on its way. And we still don’t know anything about it, bar it’s some kind of espionage thing set in the 70s.

But what could it be about? I’m going to ignore the espionage thing, because it ruins my hilarity, and just suggest a few things Agent might well be about. GO:

Agent (travel)
A thrilling thriller where players will thrillingly organise trips away for thrill-seeking authors of thrillers. Extra points awarded for getting a cheap deal for the customer while bagging yourself maximum commission. It will be banal.

Agent (football)
A more ruthless and cut-throat game you are unlikely to ever see. Enter the world of not giving a crap about anything other than where your cut is coming from and how you can get hold of the biggest cut in the world. Who cares about loyalty or the reputation of your player? That crap’s overrated.

Agent (FBI)
You’d expect this to be what Agent might actually be, but this suggestion is a bit different. Rather than a field agent doing all the exciting jobs, Agent (FBI) will concentrate on a desk jockey, filing papers, photocopying, making coffee, chatting to the pretty girl on reception. It will be better than Uncharted 2.

Agent (temping)
The day to day life of working at a temp agency, helping those out of work get short-term jobs. A pure simulation, truth be told, and possibly just a glorified training programme to get people into the temp agency world.

Agent (of the black arts)
Self-explanatory, really.

There’s every chance I’m breaking a super-secret embargo, as one of these might well be true*.

*None of them are true. As far as I know.

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