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8 Games You Were Wrong About

8 Games You Were Wrong About

Opinions: everyone has them. To the point someone should come up with a witticism about opinions, that they are like… elbows… or teeth… or something with more negative connotations that everyone has.

But opinions aren’t always right, and mob opinions, like the type that pop up on the internets in mobs of their own – metamobbing – can often get carried away in one direction or another, claiming a game is fantastical and wonderful or, more often, that it’s a pile of re-digested vomit defecated onto the plate of your own beloved family member before they are forced to re-eat it and you have to watch them. Also you’re naked. They’re that bad, at least according on which forum you look on.

But these mob opinions that seem to take over, or the mob apathy that washes over, or the mob praise that muscles its way past genuine, constructive criticism aren’t always right. And here’s eight times they were wrong and this definitely isn’t a hit-baiting way of saying ‘eight overlooked games’ no siree not here:

Binary Domain

Not a bland game, yesterday.

You, you ruthless and merciless bastards, decided this wasn’t good enough because it looked ‘wrong’. Because it was a cover shooter. Because you’d seen it all before. But you hadn’t. Nope. You hadn’t seen the surprisingly funny writing, the story that wasn’t total ass and the in-game mechanics that kept things interesting from start to six-to-eight hours later finish. You should give Binary Domain another chance, really.

50 Cent: Blood On The Sand

Fiddy shooting someone, yesterday.

You, you monster, decided that because this had the crown prince of everything that’s wrong with popular culture (a few years ago) at its fore, it was going to be a piece of crap not worth bothering with. But because of that you didn’t see its insane and hilarious story, its swear button or its surprisingly addictive score-attack method of play. Yes, it has his crappy music on it, but Fiddy comes out smelling like roses from this one.

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

It looks like every other fantasy RPG, yesterday.

You, you terrible human beings are the direct cause of 38 Studios going under. It was your fault the game didn’t sell enough of its required 10 billion copies for the studio to break even. All because it looked like a collage of all other fantasy RPGs ever made, and you didn’t even stop to appreciate the fact it’s a pretty good game. Why are you so mean?

EA Sports MMA

The greatest likeness of this writer in any game ever, yesterday.

You, you utter thugs, chose to avoid EA’s for once underdog entry to a sporting arena because – and here’s something of an irony – it didn’t have the ‘correct’ licence. You went in your droves to the recognisable one, to the UFC, and as a result you didn’t partake in one of the finest technical fighting games to be released in the last… well, ever. But you’re lucky this time, because fate (and money) has handed EA the UFC licence, so you can hopefully see what you missed last time around thanks to your insanity.

NBA 2K12

The Common Man's favourite game, yesterday.

You, with your dislike of bouncy ball sports of tallmen, you sick freak. You ignored this. You thought ‘oh, I played Total NBA ’96, I know how this crap goes down’ or you just made reference to NBA Jam and laughed because HA HA THE PAST. But you missed out on the single best sports game to come out since Pro Evolution Soccer 4. Because 2K12 is magnificent. Though admittedly this particular accusatory tone falls flat if you either a) like basketball or b) are just American in general.

WWE All Stars

WHAT? yesterday.

You, with your hatred of the ancient art of pretending to fight in pants, you philistine – you ignored it. You looked the other way. The pomp, the pageantry, all of it: ignored. You assumed this was just another wrasslin’ rehash, when in actual fact it was a company doing something different and – as some have argued – doing what they should be doing with wrasslin’ games. But you shut your eyes and sang ‘la la la’ until it went away.

The Club

Some.. thing.. happening.. yesterday.

You, you liar, you claim to want different games from your studios. You complain when a development team becomes a one-trick pony. You cry salty tears of fury when BlandManShooter 935 is announced, but then you buy it anyway. And you ignore things like The Club, which try to meet you halfway: they come from a studio known for driving games. They offer you the shooting you want. They mix it up by changing how you play the damn thing. And what do you do, you fools? You ignore it.

Super Stardust HD

Saving the world from ASTEROIDS YEAH, yesterday.

You, you [insert applicable insult here – DON’T FORGET] – you are the kind of person who sees one type of game and assumes all the others are the same. You see the twin-stick shooter genre and think it begins and ends with Geometry Wars. You… you sicken us. Unless you did indeed play Super Stardust HD, in which case please accept our humble apologies.

We love you all.

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  • Aside from the WWE and Binary Domain I think I played and enjoyed all of these games (dammit, I’m “that” guy). Good list. I’d add Vanquish to it as well. That game had no right being as fun as it was.

  • Ian Dransfield

    Your post was neither vulgar nor cynical. I am disappointed.

    Vanquish is a good call though. Excellent game, pretty much ignored.

  • DO’G

    i don’t know guys, i didn’t find vanquish that good. if there was better customization i wouldn’t have found it that boring. For me it felt like ‘ im doing all this shooting, with little reward’ i wanted more from the game. unfortunately it didn’t offer. i believe that’s why people “probably” didn’t give it a second glance. *shrugs*