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7 Secret MGS5: Ground Zeroes Easter Eggs You Haven’t Found Yet

7 Secret MGS5: Ground Zeroes Easter Eggs You Haven’t Found Yet

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is out now and, unsurprisingly, has been stuffed full of secrets and easter eggs by that crazy genius, Hideo Kojima. Here are seven of the best, but bear in mind that spoilers will follow. If you want to find these yourself, be careful!


The most obvious but a fun surprise nonetheless, it turns out the intel operative you are rescuing in one of the side-missions is Kojima himself. This even ties in to the plot, as you can recruit Koj to Mother Base in Peace Walker, and his stats make him best used in the Intel Team. Hooray for easter egg continuity!


Again, this won’t be much of a surprise to MGS fans. Holding R2 will zoom the camera in slightly during cutscenes, and moving the right stick around while doing so will move the camera itself. In past Metal Gear games there have been secrets to discover via this method, and while we haven’t found any yet, there must be something buried in there…


The PlayStation exclusive Deja Vu mission is basically one huge easter egg, tasking you with recreating a selection of scenes from the original MGS. Do them all and you’ll unlock a bonus quiz on the game afterwards. Get all these questions right and you’ll unlock the ability to replay the mission as the Solid Snake model from the original game! Not only that, this model causes snow to fall and the enemy troops to be replaced with genome soldiers. Do it all over again and you unlock Grey Fox, aka the original Cyborg Ninja.


In the Deja Vu mission again, one set of portaloos seem to contain a certain someone with some… uncomfortable problems. That’s right, it seems that our eternal hero and diarrhea sufferer Johnny Sasaki is back once again… or his dad, at least. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get him out of his plastic prison.


Once again in the Deja Vu mission (starting to see a theme?) there is a hidden tape in a small cave near where you rescue Chico. This tape contains two pieces of music – one from Metal Gear Solid, one from the original Metal Gear on MSX. Neato!


Scattered around the map in the Deja Vu mission are logos of all the other Metal Gear games. Interrogating a certain guard will mark them all on your map, and using a special gun you find in the admin building armory will erase them. Get them all and you’ll trigger a special codec call with a certain… somebody…

– FOXDIE??!?!?

Our favourite. Play the Deja Vu mission as classic Snake and go to where you would rescue Chico and Paz, to find them replaced by the DARPA Chief and the Armstech President from MGS1. Find them both, let the Foxdie virus take its course, and wait for the virus to try to infect the Fox Engine itself! We won’t spoil it for you, but things get pretty… psychedelic. Radical, dude!


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  • Jason Mounce

    I hate article titles like that….Clickbaiting, self-entitled and full-on exaggerative bullshat. ;o

    Hidden tape? A guard told me.
    Foxdie scenes, do you REALLY THINK people didn’t find 2 prisoners in the most obvious of locations?

    How bout this. in Deja Vu, when you call the Helicopter, on the tail-boom of the Helicopter(Morpho) ‘PEACEWALKER’ is sprayed on it. As are other MG-Titles around the map that are a bit more obvious to locate unlike the one on the Helicopter.

  • Thurnis’b OndaBeat

    Lmfao found all this on the first playthrough. You must suck XD