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7 Games Deserving A Kickstarter

7 Games Deserving A Kickstarter

The Kickstarter phenomenon (it’s not a phenomenon) is going to be popping up more and more in the wake of Double Fine’s successful venture. Successful to the tune of $3.3m. Three-point-three million dollars. More than many of us will ever see in our lifetimes.

Just a bit of a pick me up, there.

But it has us thinking probably as much as it has other developers and publishers: what other games are in need of a Kickstarter project? We’re talking PlayStation-specific here, but what games would we like to see re-done? What series would we like to see brought back from the dead that might not otherwise make a comeback? Here’s seven of them:

Resident Evil 1.5

Why this hasn’t happened yet anyway, we do not know – a straightforward PSN release of the Resident Evil game that never was. But it seems Capcom hates us, or something, so it doesn’t want to oblige. Step in Kickstarter – a couple of hundred grand to cover basic costs of bringing it to download services and BAM: free money for the company. It just makes sense.

Syndicate Wars 2/HD

The reboot of Syndicate, while not a bad game, isn’t a game that needed to exist. A proper sequel is something that needs to exist, but failing that we’d settle for an HD do-over of Syndicate Wars. Probably with better controls on PS3 though, because you needed about 18 hands to be able to handle the PSone release.

Parappa The Rapper 3/HD

As above, really, but without the complaints about the reboot not working (because there hasn’t been one) and the controls being duff (because they weren’t). The world needs more joy. Parappa The Rapper brings joy.

Metal Gear Solid HD

It’s missing from the Metal Gear Solid HD collection, which is annoying, but it’s understandable as to why – it would be expensive to remake all of the game’s assets in high-def. Well, unless you used those from Twin Snakes, but let’s not go there. So leave it to the fans – BAM – a few hundred grand, or whatever it costs, and we’ve got ourselves a high-def remake of the first game. Finally.

Joe Danger Special Edition

We’re still so sad it hurts out ears that the 360 ended up with the Special Edition of the Best Game On PSN. Hello Games has said it won’t be bringing the extras to us, which is either honourable or contractual. Step in Kickstarter – a bit of funding, outsource the conversion of the spesh edition assets to PS3, BAM – we get the minor extras seen on Xbox Live.

Alpha Protocol 2

One of the biggest travesties of this generation is that Alpha Protocol didn’t do very well. Inventive, intelligent and home to actual consequences for your decisions – it’s one of the best modern RPGs. If a smidge buggy and unbalanced. Obsidian has said there’s pretty much zero chance of a new one, so let’s club together and get this badboy Kickstarted – I’d guess about $20 million or so would do it? EASY.

David Moyes HD

Like Seaman, but with David Moyes’s face. It would be the best horror game ever made.

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