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7 Best 3D Dot Game Heroes Creations

7 Best 3D Dot Game Heroes Creations

3DdotGameHeroesAtlus has launched a site where you can now upload and download your creations to share with others online. It’s a great thing and we thought we would browse what people have put up so far. To find more head over to http://www.3ddotgameheroes.com/hallofheroes/. In the mean time click on the images below to download them.

Arcade Hero by Kojihimself – A fine use of all the different character poses.

Brimly by jioviero – for the classier gentleman

HapPea! by SarshelYam – Showing just how awesome even the simplest design can be

Moto Mike – keeps the retro dream alive. Loving the celebration pose.

Nimby by Nich Maragos – Actually a really smart idea to use a cloud. So many moods.

SheepSuit by Orison – A literal wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Fighter by Ramelle Ballesca – Could this be Bruce Lee in 3D Dot Game Heroes?

If you have some super awesome 3D Dot Game Heroes creations why not send them to the mag? Email you Heroes to play@imagine-publishing.co.uk and we’ll print our favourites. Get creating!

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  • Yam

    Wow…very flattered my design made it in (HapPea!). His mentor has been submitted with the rest of his troupe to follow within the week. Hope you like them as well!