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6 ways to help get over England/USA’s World Cup loss

6 ways to help get over England/USA’s World Cup loss


While the Yanks managed to at least battle for their loss against Ghana, it was England who will have left most people depressed with their limp, half-hearted display against their main rivals on the world stage. But football losses aren’t the end of the world, and we’ve prepared this handy list of things you can do to take your mind away from this bout of depression you’re sure to be suffering from right now.

Replay matches on FIFA
It’s simple and obvious, yes, but it’s also cathartic and bizarrely satisfying at the same time. Take control of England and whup Germany 9-0 – make that goal count. Bring out a weakened US team and obliterate the Ghanaians just for the hell of it. Make yourself feel better and stop the tears.

Re-watch Sony’s E3 conference
Because if one thing can cheer you up, it’s the eminently huggable appearance of Kevin Butler, VP of We Want To Hug Him. Also, the more we watch the demo of Sorcery, the more we feel it could actually be really good fun.

Go outside
Not to play and frolic and whatever else we’re supposed to do, but to play your PSP under the shade of a tree. It means you’ll actually be outside, like everyone tells you to be, but also that you can play one of the best games released in recent times as nature intended it – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, while hiding in a bush.

Mourning is a natural, normal process. Mourning for us usually involves floating around numerous net-based shops and buying lots of rubbish we don’t need, as well as lots of games we do need. We mourn a lot. We buy a lot of games. Oooh, Transformers: War For Cybertron came out the other day? Nice.

Purge your inner demons
Hilariously, this suggestion is a hilarious play on words, as we’ll now hilariously reveal: we mean play Demon’s Souls. Isn’t that clever? It isn’t? Oh. Screw you then. You should still buy and play Demon’s Souls though, as it’s absolutely brilliant, we love it and – as it’s such a dark and foreboding games – perfectly suits the summer. Wait, what?

Read Play
Some would call this a shameless plug – we would too. But what else is going to cheer you up, whether you’re an Englishperson in mourning or an American suffering the loss? Only the bestest and most amazingest PlayStation magazine around, which you can buy here, or on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad here. Go on, you know it makes sense.

Wow – plugging things makes us feel dirty.

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  • lDEFYl

    There is nothing good about either loss, and I’d say USA’s loss was a bit more depressing bc they actually stood a chance and even went into overtime; a difference of 1 goal to 3 goals. w/e, go Japan! 😛