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6 Upcoming Games You Should Be Worried About. Maybe.

6 Upcoming Games You Should Be Worried About. Maybe.

Sequels and reboots are becoming more common by the day BY THE DAY. Alright, so they’ve existed a long time, but this current climate of big budget, risk-averse game creation leads to even more sequels and even more once-popular series receiving a dust-off to be paraded around again in shiny new pants.

Mass Effect 3 sees the culmination of years of work, Syndicate was the worst-kept secret in gaming and one of the most pointless (though not particularly bad) reboots we’ve ever seen.

There’s the Kickstarter bubble showing devs they don’t have to rely on big publishers to get their games made, proving there is still hope for a creatively rich future. But even there we’re seeing signs – Wasteland 2, for example – of creators falling back on seemingly safe options.

But they’re not all safe. Some of the upcoming sequels, re-imaginings and reboots are going to fail. And we have our worries. Here’s six games we’re worried about, for whatever reason:

Dragon Age 3

Whatever your thoughts on Mass Effect 3, there’s no denying BioWare made some… changes. Changes that weren’t necessarily for the best. And regardless what you thought of Dragon Age 2, that was home to some even more extreme changes from its first incarnation. By no means does this mean Dragon Age 3 will be bad – it just means we’re anxious. Worried, even. Though mostly about the amount of DLC that’ll be available.

Devil May Cry

We’ve been at the front of the DmC Defence Force since its announcement: Ninja Theory is a good studio, Enslaved was a fine experience and the Devil May Cry series needed a new take on it post-DMC4. But then we read the studio saying it’s not paying attention to Bayonetta when making a third-person action-combat game. And we get worried.

Dead Space 3

Rumours about about this one going FPS get our worry glands a-milking. We don’t necessarily believe them, but the game going first-person would surely ruin things. It’s not like anything has ever been scary from a first-person view. If it has, we clearly have Amnesia on the subject.


Enemy Unknown looks to tick all the right boxes for the X-Com faithful out there, but the shooter from 2K Marin is more elusive than a sectoid in a cornfield. It looks great, it’s a nice idea to take things back to another era, some of the alien designs are excellent… but if they’ve had to redesign large elements of the game and have since dropped off the radar altogether, well – we’re worried about this one.

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time

Sanzaru Games developed the Sly HD Trilogy, which is all well and good, but they didn’t make any of the criminally (ho ho) overlooked originals. They just ported them. The rest of the company’s output isn’t exactly bad, not by a long shot, but it’s unproven. And we love Sly. So we worry.

Half-Life 3

We’re less worried about the quality of the game – it’s nearly impossibly for Valve to actually release a product of anything less than excellent quality. We’re more worried about the fact we’ll likely be dead by the time Cyborg Gabe Newell announces HL3 is available on Future Steam for 27 Space Dollars in 2147.

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  • Joey

    Maybe not our children but our children’s children may be still around when Half Life 3 is released next century. Of course by then we’ll all be living in a matrix so maybe it won’t be all that great, they’ll still probably be using Source then!

  • stephen

    i agree on dead space, fps wud ruin it