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6 Things We’d Do Differently… Yakuza 3


It took a while, but Yakuza 3 finally got a release on these shores last month. We liked it enough to give it a review (twice), and we liked it enough to recommend it to you (twice). But there are things that just could have been done… differently. Read on, reader.

Release it faster: self-explanatory, really. We had to wait far too long between the Japanese and Western releases of the game, and in that time it lost a lot of the initial impact it had. Hopefully Yakuza 4 will rectify this, if it even comes over here at all.

Speed it up a notch: One main criticism many have with the game is that it takes a bit too long to really get going. Five hours may not be the 20 hours you need to put in to FFXIII before it opens up, but it is still a fair amount of time. Cut it in half, you have a still-deep, reasonably slick opening. Sorted.

Dub it into English: Just so we can be reminded why exactly we were happy they hadn’t bothered dubbing it in the first place. The Japanese voice work may be poor for all we know, but it sounds far better than any half-baked nonsense English-speaking actors tend to come out with.

Don’t have the little black kid exclaim he has a “permanent tan”: Just… don’t.

Less aimless fetch/go-to quests: This ties in with the second point of making things quicker: being sent to four or five different locations for one mission, each at a different point in the city and on a massive wild goose chase, is not fun. Just cut straight to the point.

Rework the engine from scratch: It would mean Japan wouldn’t get a Yakuza game every year, but it would mean the games released wouldn’t look as thoroughly old as they do. It’s not that they look bad, they just come across as a bit dated.

We reckon that about covers it.

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