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5 Things We’d Do Differently With… Call Of Duty


Activision is promising three Call Of Duty titles in the next two years. That’s an increase of one game over what we might usually expect, which is shocking. SHOCKING!!!

Anyway, if Activision is really keen to make COD more ‘accessible’ and reach a broader audience here are our suggestions of things it could be doing.

1. Make A Driving Game: With jeeps that fire heat-seeking rockets and lay down landmines and stuff. That’s what the kids want, only you could make it really gritty and Modern Warfare-y. Like sand and stuff. That’s gritty.

2. Make A Gardening Game: Something like Farmville or Animal Crossing. Basra Crossing perhaps. It would have to be a mature title though as we don’t think growing poppy seeds is something kids should be exposed to. Obviously Tom Nook will have to make an appearance.

3. FIFA World War 2010: Football! It’s what makes the world go round. Life on this Earth would simply cease to be if it were not for football. Fact. So, Call Of Duty should be a true call to arms and see international disputes solved on the field of soccer, not battle.

4. Modern Warfare-Ware: A mini game collection using PlayStation Move that teaches players about the day to day routines of the modern soldier such as gun cleaning, shooting ranges and drills. It’s the perfect foil for that kind of gameplay if you ask us.

5. Call Of Duty Sports Resort: R&R is just as important to the life of a soldier as fighting is and the military keep fit plan is one of the most rigorous in the world. Makes perfect sense then to create a fitness game that helps promote healthier living and a healthy disregard for the well-being of foreigners.

  • Mike Hunt

    6. Make a game where the single player story actually made some sense instead a collection of random Hollywood moments

  • Legend

    Stop trying to squeeze every penny out of gamers and make a game worth playing..

  • Khalid

    Stop making COD altogether cuz it’s getting worse every year. I’m so sick and tired of them milking us for every penny with stupid map packs although the carnival is great