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6 Things We’d Do Differently… Teaching Kids With Games

6 Things We’d Do Differently… Teaching Kids With Games

There were stories last week of schools in Merseyside using still images from Grand Theft Auto as part of a project to teach 9-11 year olds the difference between real violence and fictional violence. The kids were also shown images from Itchy & Scratchy as well as images of knives and alcohol. The backers of the Get Real Scheme are hoping to sensitise them to violence.

Sounds like an interesting idea to us, but perhaps games could be used more broadly in the education system to teach children about the real world.

TR_EduAnimal Welfare taught by Tomb Raider – Kicking animals in the face is wrong. Fact. And shooting them machine guns isn’t good either. All these lessons could be learned very quickly from seeing a little bit of footage from any Tomb Raider game. Lara isn’t exactly the most welfare aware heroine out there.

WAW_EduWorld War II taught by COD: World At War – It didn’t all happen in Europe you know. There were Americans dying out in the east don’t you know. They had Japanese fighters leaping at them from out of trees with only a puny flamethrower to defend themselves. And of course there was a great deal of care taken that all combatants, whether American or Japanese, were treated humanely… No wait, that’s all wrong. It was all horrible.

Flower_EduEcological Studies taught by Flower – What could be better in teaching kids about the importance of the environment than a game in which you essentially see the world from a flower’s point of view? Nothing is what. Through Flower kids can learn about the wonders of pollination and the beauty of nature. Isn’t that lovely?

CivRev_EduInternational Diplomacy taught by Civ Rev – What’s it actually like to run a country and how should you interact with other nations? It’s a tough thing to know, but Civilization Revolution is a wonderful insight into the processes behind international politics. Has Ghandi sent an army to your front door and demanded payment? Well you could laugh in his face and crush him, leading to a bloody conflict and the ultimate annihilation of either your or his culture. Alternatively you could just give him what he wants and walk away. Which do you think the kids will choose?

Fall_EduSurvival Lessons taught by Fallout 3 – It may seem a little harsh to you to teach 9 year olds about what might happen if a nuclear winter covers the Earth, but frankly it could happen tomorrow and then where will they? Probably rolled up like a ball under their desks. Duck and cover doesn’t doesn’t work people. Get over it. And don’t drink the water. Or eat the food. Or approach the giant fire breathing ant. That’s just stupid.

BL_EduMusic Lessons taught by Brütal Legend – You may think it would make more sense to teach kids about music with something like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but they would only muddy the message. Brütal Legend is a clear and concise lesson that Metal is best and rules all. It’s the kind of thing these kids should find out early so they grow up proper like us.

Original story at The Guardian

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