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6 Things We Want To See At E3

6 Things We Want To See At E3


6. PlayStation 4 Announcement


You know it’s coming, we know it’s coming, Sony’s probably told its staff it’ll cut out the tongue of any employee who talks. But so what? We just want to know just what Sony has planned for its next console. Is that such a crime? No.


It won’t happen though, so then we’ll have to go around and threaten to cut out of the tongues of Sony employees unless they, er, do talk. Is that such a crime?




5. Left 4 Dead Coming To PS3


Nice as it is, we don’t really care if PS3 owners can play with PC gamers on Portal 2. What would really excite us was if we could play Left 4 Dead, the best multiplayer shooter this generation (yes it is) with and against them.


Which would mean Gabe and co porting it to PS3. Which seems reasonable enough, and while they’re at it if they wouldn’t mind announcing L4D 3 that would be grand.


4. Nintendo Showing Off Wii U Again


Because last years’ showcase was incredible. A masterclass in getting marketing wrong, Nintendo bungled its announcement so badly that no-one, probably not Ninty boss Iwata himself, had any idea what was going on. Grown men were screaming, children/journalists were crying, people around the world wondered if they’d ever see the sun again.


We can’t wait to see what happens this time around.


3. New GTA V Details


Loads of GTA rumours have started to do the rounds in the last few weeks. Most of them seem crazier than 22 ferrets on acid, but some of them appear to have a tiny bit of credibility.


What we want now is for Rockstar to release a new trailer and put us out of our misery. Game details, new footage (gameplay, please) announcement that it’ll be out this year: is that too much to ask?


 2. Loads of Vita Games


After launching with one of the best line-ups in gaming history, it’s all gone a bit quiet on the Vita front. We’re not worried – FIFA still exists – but we’re going to need to see a whole lot more at E3. We’re confident we’ll get what we want.


 1. Vita Price Cut


Speaking of Vita, while we love Sony’s new handheld, that price point is still a little eye-watering. With the 3DS making positive steps in regards to sales, we can’t imagine Sony would want to keep the price that high for much longer. A price cut and some new (good) games would make this a very tempting proposition.

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