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6 Things Dead Space 3 Needs To Be A Success

6 Things Dead Space 3 Needs To Be A Success

We took this screenshot ourselves. It's brilliant.

Dead Space 3 is all but confirmed, popping up in rogue videos, in EA financial year reports and in our very magazine when we speculate about elements in it. Basically it exists, but it doesn’t really or does it (it really probably does).

While we were big fans of the second game, there are still changes we’d want to see in Dead Space 3 to make it that little bit better. So, based on what we know, what we’ve read and what we’ve seen reported as a “fact” (“rumour”) elsewhere, here are six things the need to happen (or not happen) in Dead Space 3 to make us very happy indeed.

It ain’t a cover shooter

Dead Space is a third-person shooter with horror bits – that’s the snappy, right-off-the-tongue genre it Definitely Is. It isn’t a cover shooter. But the addition of crouching, as rumoured, edges it a bit closer towards snap-on, snap-off cover, hiding behind walls for 20 minutes taking potshots and generally killing any element of tension the game had. If it turns that much into a cover shooter, of course. Don’t allow the player to hide – they have to take on their enemies, and that makes it more tense.

Scare us… differently

Speaking of tension, Dead Space is a game that relies on a sequence of tension-noise-more tension-smash-extra more tension-OHGODTHEY’RERUNNINGATMEANDTHEY’RESOWEIRD. It’s good – it works. But it gets to the point where we’d like something different just to keep us on our toes. Suddenly hit us with the psychological head-mess of the Silent Hill games (the good ones), rather than just having a woman with glowing eyes screaming in your face. Try some Fatal Frame-esque horror, rather than edging more towards Doom 3’s endless monster cupboards. Genuinely shock us.

Silence is golden

Isaac was better when he didn’t speak and you didn’t see him. Honestly, he was. It’s not like he was terrible in Dead Space 2, but he did turn into Blandy McWahwah from the planet Generic and, in whatever small way, it harmed the experience. Keep the helmet on, sunshine, and shut the ruddy heck up.

Limber up, but not too much

We’ve read reports of an evasive roll added to Isaac’s repertoire. We’re okay with that – there comes a point when only being able to stompy-stomp about trying to avoid enemies is stifling, rather than atmospheric. An evasive roll could counter that. But don’t take it too far. Don’t give us super space-parkour abilities. Don’t let us become Bayonetta (in space). Dextrous, but not too dextrous.

Competition isn’t everything

Multiplayer in Dead Space 2 was good fun. It was a nothing addition though, in the long run, and actually seems like more of a test for Mass Effect 3’s successful online mode. Keep it in Dead Space 3, by all means – we allow you to do so, EA – but don’t make much of it. Don’t push it. Don’t do much more beyond iterating. There’s no need. Focus on the rumoured co-op multiplayer if you have to.

Lost in space

The sections of Dead Space 2 where you go out into the vacuum of space are great. Wonderful, oddly relaxing sections that give a sense of scale and let you – for once – be on the outside looking in. They were also absolutely beautiful. If Dead Space 3 is set on an ice planet, as the rumours go, then there’s less chance of it being space-based. But they can still do it because, you know, spaceships and all that stuff exists in the game world. So yeah, do that and we’ll be happy. Lots more outer space bits. SET THE ENTIRE GAME IN OUTER SPACE.

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  • Joey

    One good thing about Isaac’s head in Dead Space 2 was the animation of the helmet folding up and down which was so cool. They could just make him a mute, the needle in his eye cut a nerve or something. That cool helmet animation isn’t worth losing over generic dialogue.
    I do aggree though, imagine if Gordon Freeman could talk…. next article on Half Life 3?

  • thomas

    Yh Dead Space 2 was a good game but it needed some alterations. I think it needs to stop being a cover-shooter.