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6 Reasons You’re Wrong About Modern Warfare 3

6 Reasons You’re Wrong About Modern Warfare 3

1. “It’s going to be the greatest game of all time”

Let’s not get overexcited about Modern Warfare 3 before we’ve learned anything concrete about it. Many have watched the initial trailer and already got all worked up; the flashing images of submarines, helicopters, cities under siege and loads of guns being enough to convince these gamers that MW3 will be the culmination of all the artistic and technological work poured into videogames over the past four decades. We very much doubt that it will. It will certainly sell well, because the Call Of Duty series resonates well with a very large group of gamers, both casual and hardcore alike. But will it be an artistic achievement? Will it transcend all that we’ve seen in videogames before? Or will it just be an entertaining action game that features fancier explosions than previous? We’re thinking that the latter is the more likely.

2. “It’s going to be generic/unoriginal/recycled”

You never heard anyone calling Uncharted 2: Among Thieves unoriginal or recycled just because it featured Nathan Drake, cover mechanics and platforming. Modern Warfare 3, however, has been labelled generic, predictable and unimaginative because it features what look like AC-130 sections, guns, and lots of shooting. This certainly makes it similar to previous releases, but unoriginal? We’ll have to play the final game before we can sensibly draw any such conclusions. We have watched two levels played of MW3, and although the cover, shoot and advance mechanics are very familiar indeed, the level of action occurring in and around this gameplay is still of an impressively high quality.  Modern Warfare 3 may look very similar to the games it follows, but that doesn’t immediately mean its unoriginal. It means its based on a template that works. We’re going to have to wait and see how Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games toy with and break from that template before we can draw any definite conclusions about the level of originality in the game.

3. “It’s going to be rubbish compared to Battlefield 3”

What do we really know about Battlefield? What do we really know about Modern Warfare 3? At Play we’ve seen more than most of both these games, and we’re still not prepared to make such definitive statements. Battlefield 3 looks good. Modern Warfare 3 looks good. Until we’ve spent more extensive time with either we’re not going to make statements that could turn out to be incorrect  later down the line. And who cares anyway? Just enjoy both. Liking one doesn’t mean you have to hate the other. They’re not mutually exclusive. Modern Warfare 3 looks like a more over-the-top, bombastic gameplay experience. Battlefield 3 looks to be a more subdued and realistic experience. We’re going to play both, and we’re going to bloody love it. Why deny yourself that experience because of a misplaced sense of fanboy loyalty?

4. “Single-player is pointless. It’s all about the multiplayer”

If you’re not interested in the single-player then fair-dos. Many just want to play online. But to dismiss the campaign from the off is just the kind of is the kind of premature behaviour we’re all too accustomed to from the gaming public. Just play mutiplayer if you want, but know that that doesn’t automatically make the single-player an afterthought. A lot of hard work has been poured into it by the developers, and from the two levels we’ve seen it looks to be as exhilarating a single-player campaign as any we’ve seen from an FPS. Multiplayer is a huge component of the Call of Duty package, but just because it’s so popular it doesn’t render the single-player a pointless addition.

5. “Infinity Ward is crap at multiplayer – they messed up Modern Warfare 2”

Whatever your opinions on Modern Warfare 2, and however cheated you felt by a lack of balancing and weapon exploits, hordes of gamers still played that game online for a very long time. Infinity Ward clearly got something right. So to use it as a reason to claim the new multiplayer will be absolutely terrible is a strange stretch of the imagination. Let’s not forget that it was Infinity Ward who revolutionised FPS gaming in CoD4 – almost every online FPS includes some kind of RPG/levelling mechanic these days. As such we’ve got little reason to believe they won’t do an excellent job this time around. Furthermore, we know about certain new features that have been built specifically for MW3’s multiplayer, but we’re not yet allowed to share them with you. For now we’ll just say there’s a lot more to this multiplayer than you might initially think.

6. “It’s going to be totally different from anything we’ve seen from this series before”

Yes yes yes. We know we made a case for MW3 not being unoriginal or unrecycled, but we didn’t say it won’t be familiar. As mentioned, the Call of Duty games are built from a template, and its how the developers toy with this template that breeds the feeling of freshness in each new title in the series. However, the baseline features are as apparent as ever. You’re still improvising cover, throwing grenades, shooting down a scope, watching a cut scene, going on on-rails turrent section rides – this is Call Of Duty as you’ve come to know and love over the past eight years. You’re not going to be riding magical dolphins or solving murder mysteries. Call Of Duty has its style, and MW3 is going to stick to it. That’s no bad thing.

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  • Tim

    5. “Infinity Ward is crap at multiplayer – they messed up Modern Warfare 2″

    I hate MW and IW haters! Its like they refuse to like something because its so popular and they want to be seen to be different and have a different opinion. That’s cool – have a different opinion – be different – just don’t slag off a game before its release!

    I have a friend that hates the Foo Fighters for the same reason then sneakily started listening to them embarassed to be proven wrong!

    Wonder how people out there set up a second account to give it a try – and not admit they were wrong. Gamers don’t like to admit they were wrong.

  • DO’G

    the above comment is so so so true. the amount of people saying MW2 and IW are rubbish is unbelievable YET they would have prestiged at least 3-4 times.hypocrites. I Have played BO and MW2 and personally i loved everything about MW2.
    fair enough there were SOME glitches but it never bothered me in the slightest. Personally don’t like the contracts mode in Black Ops.
    Also another reason WHY i’m very very very disappointed with black ops, is the online problems, it was an absolute joke when it came out and it’s still a joke now and thats the main reason why i don’t play it as much as i did with MW2. I’m excited to see what changes they have made to the game and i HOPE that multiplayer lag and connectivity is far better than BO.