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6 Reasons To Love Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

6 Reasons To Love Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

ScottPilgrim_keyart_final_UKScott Pilgrim Vs The World is an upcoming PSN timed exclusive release that ties in with the movie of the same name starring Michael Cera and directed by Edgar Wright. That’s Superbad and Hot Fuzz coming together in a geektastic explosion of awesome. Or something.

Anyway, we’re very excited about the game on Play and since there are still many people who don’t know what it’s all about we thought we would attempt to enlighten you. So, let’s begin today’s lesson:

ScottPilgrimvsTheWorldTheGAme_Screenshot_World1_streets1. Gameplay – The most important reason of all for you to love any game and Scott Pilgrim is looking strong in this area. It’s a classic arcade side-scrolling fighter with four player co-op, ridiculous special moves and a wide variety of enemy types. There should also be at least six major boss fights as Scott must defeat his new girlfriend’s seven evil exes (she dated two of them at the same time, so Scott needs to fight them both at once). It’s all very simple, but also very addictive.

ScottPilgrimvsTheWorldTheGAme_Screenshot_World1_Subspace12. Graphics – The second reason most people will wind up loving a game, but not necessarily the most important, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is gorgeous. No, it’s not Uncharted 2 gorgeous, but if you love 16 bit, arcade graphics then this game is the bomb. Just look at all that colour and better yet is the animation, which is super-smooth. It’s an amazing game to watch in motion.

ScottPilgrimvsTheWorldTheGame_PixelArt_PaulRobertson_SexBoBOmb3. Music – Not something that’s given enough attention in our opinion, the music for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was composed by a “chiptune punk” band called Anamanaguchi. They basically use old consoles to produce their music making it sound like classic videogame tunes and then layer guitars and bass on top. It’s fast, frenetic and completely mental and you’re bound to love it. You can listen to some of it HERE.

SCOTTPILGRIMvsTHEWORLDTHEGAME_Screenshot_CharacterSelection4. Retro Game Homage – Much like the comic upon which it is based Scott Pilgrim Vs The World features plenty of references to classic games of yesteryear. In terms of combat there are loads of classic beat-’em-up moves from games like Street Fighter and the stages also give nods to Mario Kart and in the image above to Super Mario Bros 2. There’s plenty more still to be revealed.

5. The Graphic Novel Is Superb – It’s always handy when you’re basing a movie or a game on a comic that the source material is actually good and thankfully Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series has been amazing. The film is sticking very closely to the plot of the comic and the game is based on the comic’s art style. All in all this is a really close adaptation and that bodes well. Anyway, the final volume of Scott Pilgrim (entitled Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour) was released this week. You should definitely check it out.


6. Scott Pilgrim Plays PSPgo – Sometimes it seems like everyone hates the PSPgo. Scott Pilgrim loves it. Why? Probably because he’s a little bit mad. We’re not sure. But we love that he loves it.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is released on PSN 10 August. Yay.

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