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6 reasons iPhone 4 fails compared to PSP

6 reasons iPhone 4 fails compared to PSP

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Yes, the iPhone 4 is a great piece of kit – valuable, desirable and with function to match the beautiful form. But if you think it’s better than the PSP then you’re clearly a bit mental in the head, as well as sorely deluded. Why? Well isn’t it obvious? No? Okay then, read on:

Touchscreen? More like LAMEscreen. Hah, take that! The inaccuracy of touch-based controls is something that needs to be sorted out by those with the technological know-how. While we wait for them to fix the issues, we’ll just stick with our bebuttoned PSP. Press X to win!

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
The iPhone 4 has some good games, but mainly they’re a bunch of trash – throwaway nonsense that you would never pay over 49p for (which is why it’s lucky they’re 49p). But real games? Fagedabahdit. The PSP has Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. It’s one of the best handheld games ever made and one of the best games of recent times. Screw you, iPhone 4.

Less likely to get mugged
PSPs aren’t as desirable to the mass market as the iPhone 4 is – they’re not as in-demand and they’re not at the forefront of the public’s mind. Hence, when muggers go out on a mugging shift, they aren’t usually looking for PSPs. In fact, we have anecdotal evidence of a mugger turning down the opportunity to steal a PSP, as it wasn’t what they were looking for. Hence, your purchase is safe.

No contract
The iPhone 4 is a phone, meaning most of the time you need to take out a contract in order to own one. This is a commitment that many of us fear with all our hearts – 18 whole months in the company of just one phone?! Madness! Which is why the PSP wins this round too – you buy it, it’s yours. No mucking about, no expectation to pay more money. It’s just yours.

Can the iPhone 4 use UMDs? Can it hell. Another fine victory for the PSP.

Umm… it’s (maybe) prettier (to some people)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some people think the PSP is a beautiful piece of kit. Some even think it’s better looking than the iPhone 4. Therefore: the PSP is better looking than the iPhone 4, and wins this final round. It’s a whitewash.

It’s a clean sweep, a clean sheet and a drubbing all wrapped up in one big pile of victory. 6-0 to the PSP, 0-6 against the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 loses, PSP wins. Deal with it.

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  • Talking Yak

    Uh i’m not sure about that throwaway games one, haven’t you ever played Angry Birds

  • David

    Personally the only time have to play full titles is when I’m playing my PS3. Sometimes all you need is a 49p game that’ll occupied a few minutes.

    The only reason you need a contract is because it has phone functionality, which I think the PSP could do with personally.

    Neither one is pretty or ugly, just adequate.

    As for buttons and touchscreens, both have their advantages and disadvantages so neither wins outright.

    Ultimately I like them both, but both have flaws. At the moment I’m afraid the PSP has more flaws than the iPhone, but at the same time the PSP has more future potential. Bring on PSP2 is all I say.

  • Gman

    Dedicated buttons vs accelerometer and gyroscope. The first is the way it was done and the second is the future of gaming. You forgot to mention that a lot more of the big gaming developers are developing for the iphone now. EA and Square Enix have entire divisions devoted to the iphone. And that the PSP, though it has been out for years longer than the iphone has comparably a pittance of games.

    Now granted a lot of the iphone games are crap but the good ones are just as good as the PSP(chaos theory, the secret of monkey island, Need for Speed Shift…and thousands of others.)

    Have you played a racing game with an iphone 4? The accelerometer and gyroscope make the entire phone a pinpoint accurate steering wheel. It vibrates when you crash in to things(just like the psp) and yet the feeling of driving is far greater.

    Now lets talk about graphic processing and retina display. Do we really have to? It’s like clubbing a baby seal. Iphone is infinitely superior in both.

    So the only thing that you cite as an advantage that actually might be is the controls, and what I contend is that developers are being infinitely more creative to compensate for the lack of dedicated buttons and that’s why the games are better.

    This really isn’t a fair comparison. It’s like bringing a knife to an atomic bomb fight. When Sony deins to send you a PSP2 then lets talk again, otherwise this is a little on the silly side.