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6 Games You’re Too Frightened To Play

6 Games You’re Too Frightened To Play

1. Silent Hill 2

It’s an obvious one, but it’s obvious with good reason. Konami knew the secret to crafting a very real, deep sense of terror – it’s what you can’t see rather than what you can that truly terrifies. The grey mist, the crackling radio static, the strange baby-like sounds Pyramid Head would screech as you neared him – Konami didn’t need the world’s best artists or animators to frighten you. They got the player to do all the work for them in their own imagination.

2. Forbidden Siren

Sony conceived of an excellent idea with Forbidden Siren. It already knew how tense the stealth genre could be thanks to the hide and sneak mechanics of Metal Gear Solid – but what if you replaced Shadow Moses with a creepy Japanese moutain village and the soldiers with creepily twisted shibito? Here the game of hide and sneak is all the more visceral and terrifying. Using sightjack and witnessing a shibito descending on your position is unnerving enough to make even the most stern of players put down the pad.

3. Clock Tower 3

In videogames we’re used to empowerment. When we pick up the pad we usually expect to be stronger, faster and more well-equipped that the enemies we face. We’re invulnerable killing machines, mowing down any who stand in our way in a hail of bullets. The Clock Tower series turned that concept on its head, putting you in control of a helpless 14-year-old girl. That feeling of vulnerability wasn’t just unfamiliar, but also incredibly frightening.

4. F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin wasn’t scary. It focused too much on the action and special effects of the first game, showing rather than concealing and eradicating whatever subtlety the original game held with mech-based vehicle sections. The first game was a far better reflection of its title. Sure, it had slo-mo bullet timefirefights, but the pacing was much better. There would be long, long stretches were nothing would happen at all, then you’d get off a ladder, turn round, and BOOM, Alma would be standing right there. We actually had to ask a friend to sit in the room with us while we played the last level of this game.

5. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

When you’re being attacked by an evil spirit the last thing you want to do it stare it down. That’s just asking for trouble. But that’s exactly what Fatal Frame forced you to do. With the Camera Obsura your only ally you had to frame and photograph your enemies in order to defeat them – and what’s worse, the close the ghosts came to you, the more successful your shot would be. But it wasn’t your proximity to these poltergeists that was the really scary part; it was the nervous sense of anticipation in waiting for these apparitions to appear. Again, the imagination is a far more fearsome tool than anything the developers can conjure up on screen.

6. Resident Evil

It has to be said, with every released the Resident Evil series has got a little less scarier. We barely raised an eyebrow when playing through Resident Evil 5. The original Resident Evil – now fifteen years old – remains the scariest version. The graphics were admittedly pretty crap and the voice acting comically terrible, but Capcom still managed to create an incredibly atmospheric game, that contained plenty of jumps but also expertly crafted a sense of creeping dread. Meeting fellow STARS members was always a huge relief, but being told you had to venture off on your own again was never a welcome suggestion. It was a tense, startling, and ominous adventure, and we sometimes regret that the Resident Evil series has now completely veered so far from its initial concept.

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  • vamprical

    nice,i must agree having played all six games,they were damn right scary. Especailly forbidden siren. But i believe alone in the dark from ps1 should have made the list.

  • Joey

    Dead Space? That’s the best horror game in years.

  • A Nuss

    the cat/locker bit of the first Silent Hill messed my pants right up!