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6 Games Worth Buying PS3 For (2011 Exclusives Edition)

6 Games Worth Buying PS3 For (2011 Exclusives Edition)

You’re thinking of buying a PS3, but you need a buyer’s guide. You’re thinking ‘what games should I buy for PS3?’ and not just because it’s an SEO-friendly term. You want to know should you buy a PS3?

Well of course we’re going to say yes. But we’re going to back that up with six whole games that make a PS3 purchase worthwhile, all of which came out in 2011. There’s actually more than just six worth buying a PS3 for, but we’re just going with a few exclusives for now. LIST:

LittleBigPlanet 2

In the year since LBP2 came out we’ve seen people make thousands more levels; we’ve seen them make Pong; we’ve seen them make Metal Gear Solid; we’ve seen them make actual, proper, working first-person shooters – we’ve seen all of this in a cute little platform game. LBP2 is, frankly, ridiculous. There’s so much to it and so much you can do with it, and even if you can’t do anything with it, there’s plenty to download as made by people who can do things with it.

Yakuza 4

Shenmue is dead. Yakuza isn’t Shenmue, but it’s as close as you’re going to get until Shenmue 3 comes out (hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa never going to happen). It’s an odd game, when we think about it, but it’s as close to truly unique as you’re likely to get in videogames. And it’s capable of entirely taking over your time if you let it.

DC Universe Online

When it cost money it was good – since its gone free to play it’s near essential. The superhero-based MMO is no more than a (massive) download away and you can enter the world of running around, half-paying attention and sinking in more time than is really healthy. It’s one of the only MMORPGs available on PS3, so it helps that it’s actually worth playing.

inFamous 2

This one gets rather unfairly overlooked by a lot of people, for no reason other than… we don’t know what. The original game was great fun, the second one is that bit better – with added user-generated content to boot, so you’re technically getting another one of those ‘infinite’ games Sony loves so much. Plus, inFamous 2 is home to the finest, smoothest, most exhilarating movement system in any game we know of – yes, including Assassin’s Creed. Though admittedly it doesn’t quite hit that point until later in the game.

Resistance 3

We were dismissive of this one – the first game was interesting as a launch release; the second game we almost immediately forgot about. Surely the third one would be sweaty bawbags? Apparently not. Apparently Insomniac decided to actually change things up – to actually listen to feedback and act accordingly. By taking a step back and taking in what made the previous games good and bad, the devs went and made the best game of the trilogy and a fantastic exclusive for PS3.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Hi there and welcome to the most obvious entry to this list – we’re Play and we’ll be taking you through this brief description. On your left you will see Nathan Drake, one of the best (albeit mass-murdery) main characters yet seen in gaming, while on the right you’ll see a supporting cast you’ll actually care about (give a wave to Sully!). Further ahead we’ll encounter some of the most technically proficient storytelling on the PS3, and while it is mired down in the stench of being a bit B-movie, it’s still an enjoyable lark to look forward to. Oh, there’s also a good game around here somewhere too, but we tend to get caught up talking about elements on the periphery in these metaphorical tours so we’ll just stop now.

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  • Strauss

    where is trinity souls of zill o’ll? that game was great

  • kapado

    No heavy rain or heavenly sword?

  • Ian Dransfield

    Neither came out in 2011, so no.