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6 Games To Help You Celebrate* The Olympics (*”Avoid”)

6 Games To Help You Celebrate* The Olympics (*”Avoid”)

Someone running away from the Olympics, yesterday.

The London festival of banned words begins in earnest today, and with it comes the intense need to avoid any and all interaction with a terrible, boring procession of people celebrated for being quick and strong.

What better way to hide this thinly-veiled jealousy than by playing videogames? No better way, that’s what. Play these games to help celebrate the fact you’re ignoring the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games LOCOG Sebastian Coe McDonald’s Coca Cola Visa-athon.

International Track And Field

The official London 2012 game is wack, so stick with this far better game released back in 1996. You can get it on PSN, so no excuses. Plus 6.5-second 100m records are within your reach, which is hilarious.

FIFA 12/PES 2012

Nobody cares about Olympic football, so just play normal football on your favourite football game. Though unfortunately neither of them includes women’s football. We should ask about that, actually, just to make whoever we’re talking to squirm as they try to justify it.


You need a game that allows you to really get lost in its world – to really escape the crap that’s going on in real life. Skyrim still fits the bill, and you can probably make it last the entire Olympics (London 2012 Summer Games Sebastian Coe) without getting bored.


Because shooting stuff, innit.

Gran Turismo 5

Simulate the experience of driving around roads without loads of cars on them by playing GT5. It’ll remind you of a time before millions of dullards descended on the local area to hoot at people for being able to jump high, back when you could drive around with relative ease.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Similar to Skyrim, this can be used as a life-surrogate for the period the London Games 2012 Olympic Summer Coe LOCOG Sebastian is going on. If you don’t like dragons, surely you like eastern European immigrants trying to make a better life for themselves (by shooting everyone)? It’s the spirit of the games, no doubt.

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