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6 best games to play when you’re ill

6 best games to play when you’re ill


Someone around the office is ill. You can tell because they keep on bloody moaning about it, making horrible sniffling noises and coughing half their lungs up. This person may be me, I’m not sure. Anyway, these are the six games I really think I should be at home playing, rather than being at work, as well as the six I think are best to help cope will sickness:


A pretty obvious suggestion, really. What else do you want to do when you feel like rubbish apart from float around on the breeze, not really doing much? I mean, you might want to ignore the later levels when it gets darker and more threatening, but the opening is more than enough to make you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself and your home-grown illness.


Final Fantasy XIII
It’s a hands-off experience – one you don’t have to give your full attention and one that is simple to play for your illness-atrophied mind. You never know – you might be that delirious with your disease that you end up thinking the acting in the game is anything more than a bit rubbish. Though that would clearly be a sign of a worse sickness than you originally thought.


Just Cause 2
Avoid the combat as much as possible, as it can be quite hard if you’re not feeling on top form and can annoy more than it helps your suffering. I recommend this, though, as a fine tool in which to explore. Get a plane delivered and just fly around in serene calm for minutes – nay, hours – on end. Then jump out and float around on a parachute for ages. Ah, the healing powers of Rico Rodriguez.


I only suggest this for those of you that risk addiction by taking too much cold medicine when you feel under the weather. Counter addiction to medicinal drugs with a different addiction altogether: one of hitting pegs with a ball. Plus there’s the added bonus that you might think everything that happens in the game is a wonderful dream, and Bjorn the Unicorn is actually your friend in real life…


We all know suffering is a great catalyst for artistic expression. So why not use your illness to enrich the lives of others? Make a level in LBP that shows the world how you feel; how mistreated you feel as your body revolts against the viral or bacterial infection coursing through your veins; how you want to get revenge on those that have wronged you for all they have done to make your life… oh wait – too far.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
When I’m sick, I like to watch dumb action movies (I also like to watch them when healthy). So combine dumb action flicks with gaming and you come out with Uncharted 2 – perfect for any ill gaming you might want to partake in and, so long as you turn the difficulty down, it isn’t too hard for a mind ravaged by disease to play through.

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  • Axe99

    Great article, although creating anything when you’re ill is pretty tough – LBP’s probably a stretch too far. Personally, my fave ill games this gen have been:

    Civilisation Revolution – turn-based, so you can plod along at whatever speed you’re working on.
    Oblivion/Dragon Age/Fallout 3 – RPGs, relatively slow-paced, last a long time 🙂

  • Leathersoup

    I’ve always found that when I’m uber sick I like to throw in GTA IV or any other sandbox game and just mess around. I don’t need to have any energy or really focus on anything.

  • Ian Dransfield

    Axe – I completely forgot about Oblivion. No idea how, seeing as it WAS my ‘ill game’ for most of 2006.

    Leather – Yeah, I opted for JC2 instead of GTA. Just because it’s fresher in my mind, really.

  • Totally agree, I have 3 out of these 5 games and they fit the ‘pick up and play’ genre perfectly.