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6 ‘news’ stories you’ll see multiple times a year

6 ‘news’ stories you’ll see multiple times a year


The internet is a hotbed of newsworthy news. It is also a hotbed of people posting nonsense to waste your time. There are certain stories, of questionable news value, that will pop up numerous times throughout the space of a year. Here are just a few of them:

Firmware bricks consoles
Obviously this applies more to the PSP and PS3 than other machines, as they tend to be updated a lot more than the 360 or Wii. Regardless, whenever a new, incremental version of a firmware is released on any console you will see a handful – or maybe two handfuls – of stories claiming this new firmware destroys consoles, burns down houses and murders children. When all that happens is it didn’t work on one person’s machine, as they interrupted the download process or something equally idiotic.

Which is better?
This argument has been going on since home consoles existed, and probably even before that. Timelessness could be an reason for it, but I’d probably argue that it is in fact more down to how people just love arguing. Hard to believe as it may be, not everyone blindly agrees with everything they read online, and someone posting “PS3 is better than Xbox 360: Official” on a news site doesn’t actually mean the PS3 is officially better than the 360. Just sayin’.

Press releases reprinted as news
If you’ve ever had to write a news piece you’re probably guilty of this – I know I am. Getting a press release from a publisher/manufacturer/whatever and re-writing it in the most basic level possible to turn it into some kind of half-baked advertisement for whatever it is the PR is talking about. This doesn’t pop up numerous times through the year – it pops up dozens of times a day.

Price drop rumours
This one basically comes down to the fact that people don’t want to pay as much as they already have done on their consoles. Yes, that sentence was written correctly. It seems that people who already have a particular console retain a vested interest in the ongoing cost of the machine. It’s certainly an odd one – while I will pay attention if the PS3 is going to get a price-drop, I haven’t kept up to speed on the current price of LCD TVs of the same brand as the one I own. Why not? It’s the same thing. I don’t see news about that reported all over the place. It’s… odd.

Pervy images masquerading as a story
These tend to be one of two things: a genuine effort to justify what is being written as newsworthy and important – just with pictures of scantily-clad women. Or: a very cynical attempt to drum up hits. Hits through tits. Either way, I’m not complaining. I’m just pointing it out as a service, if anything. What do you mean this isn’t newsworthy? Just because I don’t have a picture of a sexy cosplayer accompanying this point…

Hilarious and witty lists
Hard as it may be to believe, but lists as hilarious and witty as this one here do pop up frequently throughout the course of a year. Obviously they’re mainly on brilliant sites like this one, but sometimes they pop up in unexpected places like NowGamer. And as much  as you fight it, as much as you don’t want to read it, you will. You love lists. We love lists. I love lists. But they’re really not news, are they?

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  • Dave Moore

    haven’t you seen the problems a list can cause.i’ve seen it in south park so it must be true.