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$51 billion: a spender’s guide

$51 billion: a spender’s guide

Never mind buying Sony, EA, Disney or anything else – we have some suggestions for what Apple’s Steve Jobs could throw his money away on. $51 billion isn’t exactly pocket change, as much as it may seem like a tiny amount, so we’ve scoured high and low for suggestions of what to fritter it all away on. We promise not to spend it all on sweets.

Burj Khalifa – supertall skyscraper: $1.5 billion
Because if you have this much money, you need a base of operations. Why not a ridiculously massive skyscraper in Dubai? In fact, why not the tallest man-made structure in the world? You may as well.

Cowboys Stadium: $1.2 billion
Purely so you can host parties of epic proportion, of course.

Space shuttle: $1.7 billion
Fighter jets are so dull and they aren’t capable of flying in outer space. So we have to go one step up here and buy a shuttle. They’re used, but we hear in good working order and – as the eBay listing says – ‘r@re!’.

Meadowlands – shopping mall: $2 billion
During the days away from our supertall megaskyscraper (of doom) we would require a bean depository. Meadowlands, which will be the biggest mall in the US when it opens, would be perfect for this purpose.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge: $6.2 billion
You’d need a way to get the money coming back in after spending so much, so why not hike the prices up on the toll both here? It is the longest suspension bridge in the world, after all, so it attracts as many tourists as it does commuters.

The running total now hits $12.6 billion, meaning we have just under $40 billion left to spend. Crikey. Let’s step it up a notch.

CVN-78 class aircraft carrier: $8.1 billion
Travel in style. We were going to opt for a cruise liner here, but cruise liners are vulnerable to piracy. State of the art aircraft carriers? Not so much. They have massive guns, you see.

Gotthard Base Tunnel: $10.5 billion
Just because we want to own something in Switzerland. That’ll show them.

James Bay Project (phase I) – hydroelectric river dam: $13.8 billion
Supporting clean energy while at the same time flashing the cash. Plus it means we’d own something in lovely lovely Canada.

Large Hadron Collider: $6 billion
A few tweaks here and there and you have your very own doomsday device. And there’s probably still some change left over.

Maybe if you have some pocket change left over you could pick up a Jackson Pollock or two for around $150 million. Just to be sure. Oh, and a Bugatti Veyron. And some sweets.

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