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5 Ways To Improve Pro Evo

5 Ways To Improve Pro Evo

PES_2011PES 2011 details are beginning to emerge from the ether and it got me thinking about how badly the series has declined in recent years. FIFA as most sane gamers would agree, has come on leaps and bounds in the last five years to take the football crown. Whether or not PES has any chance of really challenging its 10 million selling adversary is difficult to judge, but at the very least it can be improved.

1. Get Physical – The physics in PES have looked dated for some time, in particular when it comes to player contact. There are too many canned animations for tackles and jockeying for position before a header. Bringing in something like Backbreaker’s Euphoria engine could be revolutionary, even though in the short term it would probably make the game a little ridiculous.

2. Smarten Up – Along with a new physics engine has to come some new AI as players simply don’t behave in very sensible ways. Defenders don’t cover properly, midfielders don’t track the right runs or make space for the pass and attackers get caught offside every time we check our runs down the wing before a cross. Making the players smarter along with better physics would have a huge impact.

3. Simplify – All this ‘Arsenal football’ stuff is all very well, but if you want to do something other than walk the ball into the back of the net PES doesn’t really cater to you anymore. FIFA has diversified, allowing for a number of different attacking approaches, all coached within the tactics system where you can specify how much your team uses the wings and how heavily you midfield players get into the box. Football is a very broad game and PES isn’t reflecting that at the minute.

4. Drop the gimmicks – All the importing of faces into PES is a perfectly reasonable idea, but when it results in the abominations of humanity we’ve seen so far and at the expense of other editing abilities (crests on shirts for Master League seems to be a common bugbear) it just adds insult to injury. Keep things simple and concentrate on the gameplay, not the list of features you want on the back of the box.

5. Drop the platforms – PES 2011 is being developed for PS3, 360, Wii, PS2, PSP and PC. That’s too many. If Konami really wants to improve the series and bring it up to date then it needs to concentrate on the current generation of platforms and let the others go for at least a year. The slow pace of improvements so far this gen is proof enough that the team is spread too thinly.

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  • Sean

    I’m starting to wonder about all the stuff you critics say about what they need to improve on, do they even listen?
    Years of the same PES prove that they don’t.

  • Not sure it’s just ‘us critics’ saying these things. We’re as much fans of Pro Evo as anybody else. Having said that, on the evidence of the games this generation, no they’re not paying the least bit of attention

  • Steve Wildman

    Fair enough. Pes was at it’s best in around pes3. Since then it’s stagnated. Making the master league like the premiership has lessened it’s fun factor, and having to wait for transfer windows to open and close is a pain. It’s still the best game in front of goal, as despite all of fifas improvements, in FIFA you can score “square to your pal and score” technique over and over – we’ve all done it, but it ruins the game. Pes has always been less “on rails” and it’s this that it must work on! Sod licenses and gimmicks, gameplay rules! And then just put the master league back 8 years and you’re onto a winner!