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5 Ways 3D Could Revolutionise Killzone 3

5 Ways 3D Could Revolutionise Killzone 3

16948ScreenShot_2009_03_21_1724Presentation – Killzone 2’s menus and HUD were all very functional and finely tuned. It is of course the mark of really great systems such as these that we don’t really talk about them. Like a great holding midfield player, you don’t notice them unless they’re doing bad job. Anyway, with the addition of 3D the HUD can be jazzed up a bit, given some flashier functions and generally show-off the technical superiority of the ISA over the Helghast. Dead Space could be a good starting point for how this would work, but with 3D you could really make all those menus pop.

Bosses – We found these to be a little repetitive and predictable in the last game, but the addition of 3D and how this could be best utilised should mean a little more imagination being brought to bear. Sniper battles across large open plains (like in Metal Gear Solid perhaps) or fights against giant mechs would be given greater impact thanks to some 3D work. Get rid of all the annoying henchmen for these battles too and you’ve definitely got a winner on your hands.

Environments – Not much variety here in Killzone 2 either if we’re being brutally honest. Again, it was all functional and worked well with what Guerrilla was attempting, but we would have liked to have seen more. Killzone 3 already seems to be getting plenty with an artic type level being shown, but with 3D you could be doing a lot more. Greater definition in your depth of field would make things like jungle or forest levels unbelievably good looking as the trees shifted in three dimensions as you moved around. Even open spaces would be helped immeasurably with the genuine depth of field vision that 3D provides.

Weapons – These were a little limited in Killzone 2 as well, but that was something of an advantage, The weapon set was streamlined to the essentials and that helped drive the game forward in other areas, such as AI and tactics. But things have to get bigger and better in Killzone 3 and that surely means some new ISA weapons. With 3D driving things now we would expect fancy tech weapons with bespoke HUDS and perhaps some long distance weapons that show off the 3D at a distance, zooming into the target.

Destruction – We enjoyed a little by way of destructible environments in the last game, but it was only a small amount. Thanks to the world of 3D having the world around you really fall to pieces would have even more of an impact than ever before. Watching a street collapse in front of you in full 3D and seeing the debris fly in front of your face would look incredible. Make it happen Guerrilla. We beg you.

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