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5 USB add-ons Sony needs to make for PS3

5 USB add-ons Sony needs to make for PS3

George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine
The PS3 was roundly mocked when its initial design was released for looking like one of the ex-boxer’s line of food-preparation devices (with fat reservoirs). So why not take this to the next step and bring in a USB-powered grill for use while gaming? Pause the game, have a quick snack of freshly-cooked chicken breast, unpause and continue. Genius!

Inflatable Travel Hammock
USB-powered devices come in all shapes and sizes, but none of them seem to cover mankind’s need to be able to sleep wherever they are in the world. While this add-on wouldn’t completely cure that issue, it would mean people would be able to sleep wherever they were in the world with a PS3. Plug it in, watch it inflate, recline. Fantastic!

A lot of us are poor and live in badly-insulated houses or flats, with central heating that doesn’t exactly behave itself. So why don’t Sony release a USB-powered fire to keep us all warm while we play games? It makes perfect sense and would help avoid thousands of needless deaths per year from people not have enough warmth to keep themselves going. Just remember to keep the USB-fire away from the PS3 itself. Wonderful!

USB Leads
It’s always annoying when you search high and low for a USB lead and you can’t find one. Sony could counter this with one simple move: by releasing USB-powered USB leads. No more would you fret for your very soul as you think you’ll never see a lead of the serial bus that is universal kind. Just plug in this USB lead and see as it becomes more USB leads. Megalomaniacal!

Home defence is a big issue, even in the non-gun-owning UK, where most of us don’t actually own guns. If someone were to break into your home to steal your PS3, would you have a way of defending it? Probably not. We foresee a time where the USB-Gun will be released, making every PS3-owning household in the world a place safe from violent intrusion and a place fit for gunishment. Murderous!

Alright, so maybe these ideas need a bit of work. But a USB-fire would be welcome in the winter months, that much we’re standing by.

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  • Sean

    The sentence at the start is all I wanted to know, I’ve been waiting for Sony to pull their fingers out and think of the people that still want to play the classic PS2 games upscaled on the PS3. Even though it is still a rumour, lets hope it’s true.

  • Jack

    I second the above opinion.

  • Garan

    How about a USB wall socket to plug our PS3s into when there isn’t one available?