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5 unlikely cover stars on sports games

5 unlikely cover stars on sports games


In the book of unlikely cover stars for sports games, Michael Jordan probably isn’t the first name you’d think of. But wait! He retired seven years ago, so him being on the front cover of NBA 2K11 is actually a surprise, and an unlikely choice for 2K Sports. Bear with us on this one. But which other sports stars would make unlikely cover stars for existing franchises? Let’s tackle that particular question with a list:

Michael Jordan’s MLB 11 – Because we want to seem like we know what we’re talking about. Jordan played baseball for a bit – Space Jam told us so.

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker-a-thon 2011 – As it would be an odd choice for any company to make a game with a man who has had so many problems in his life, who regularly professes (or did profess) a dislike for the sport he is so good at. Oh, no, wait. He’s been in some games. Damn. This is harder than it looks.

Jimmy Bullard’s FIFA 11 – This isn’t particularly because Jimmy isn’t a worldwide superstar like… umm… Theo “No World Cup For You” Walcott. No, it’s just he looks like a half-melted Play-Doh monster and, as such, wouldn’t be suitable for youngsters buying the game. It would be terrifying.

Michael Vick’s NFL 2011 – Not that we’re ones to dwell on past misdemeanours, but Vicky boy did show he’d probably be more suited to an underground dog fighting game (2011). Just sayin’.

John Daly’s ProStroke Golf – Wait, what do you mean this exists? We said unlikely, we didn’t say totally bloody brilliant. Well done there, chaps. We’re not even sad to be wrong about this one.

(See folks, this is what happens when you try to write something and only have specialist/in-depth knowledge of football. Sigh.)

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