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5 Unlikely Batman: Arkham City Villains

5 Unlikely Batman: Arkham City Villains

The Batman: Arkham City info and images just keep flowing and there will be plenty more to come we’re sure, but we got thinking about what Batman villains (and there are plenty) Rocksteady would probably be avoiding this time around. Some are just rubbish and other just wouldn’t work in a game. Here are our picks.

Mr. Mxyzptlk (AKA¬† – Mxy): As weird and wonderful villains go they don’t come much stranger than Mr. Mxyzptlk. More commonly a villain for Superman, given his magical nature, Mr. Mxyzptlk is an imp from the fifth dimension. His otherworldly origin means he is capable of defying the laws of physics in our world as well as a few other laws besides. His magical nature makes him unlikely to appear in Arkham City though as despite its willingness to embrace Batman’s odder villains a floating, mischievous imp may be a step too far.

Cluemaster (AKA – Arthur Brown): This failed gameshow host has never been the most successful criminal. Quite apart from the fact that he would leave clues at his crimes deliberately (and not the cryptic Riddler kind) he also got followed around by his daughter Stephanie who would attempt to foil his crimes as The Spoiler, leaving even more evidence for Batman to track. Hardly a master criminal then.

Firefly (AKA – Garfield Lynns): A master of Pyrotechnics, Fireflay is essentially a professional arsonist who had become increasingly obsessed with his passion for fire. The character actually started out as a special effects expert using visual tricks and illusions to escape the clutches of Batman. The trouble is that to do a character like that justice you would have to do a lot of work on your fire effects in the game. We’re not sure that would be time well spent.

Red Hood (AKA – Numerous People): The infamous Red Hood is one of Batman’s oldest adversaries according to the lore. Originally it was believed that The Joker’s original persona was that of the Red Hood, but The Killing Joke suggested that the persona was just a cover for the Red Hood gang and that it duped the man who would become The Joker into wearing it (he would then fall into a vat of chemicals and become the villain we know today). The mask of the Red Hood has since been taken up by a number of Batman adversaries. Not sure that would have much place in Arkham City.

Onomatopoeia (AKA – Unknown): Created by the movie director Kevin Smith the true identity of Onomatopoeia is unknown, however he started out as a villain for Green Arrow and later took on Batman. Although only introduced to comic fans in 2002 he has grown in popularity quickly thanks to the fact he says out loud all the things he does (eg. saying bang when he fires a gun). In a comic that’s quite a funny gag, but in a game we don’t imagine it would make much sense.

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  • tarbis

    Deathstroke would be a perfect villain for Bats. His skills in martial arts, his tactics and intelligence is very much equal to bats.

  • curtis holland

    Corrosive man would be a good villain for batman.
    Deadshot would be a great villain for batman.
    cat-man would be a great villain for batman.