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5 Things We’d Want From A Hacked Vita

5 Things We’d Want From A Hacked Vita

Artist's impression of a hacked Vita, yesterday.

Vita has been hacked, it seems. Well, not properly, and it has actually been semi-hacked for absolutely ages now. But let’s not let that get in the way of our list feature, shall we?

Whatever the ins and outs, the rights and wrongs, there are some things we’d like to see from a hacked machine. Partly because we’re greedy little sods, and partly because there are some things we know Sony will just never do. So let’s put on our waders and waddle out into the murky grey waters of homebrew and hacking.

It’s not piracy unless you make it piracy.


Straight in with a legal grey area one – sorry. But who doesn’t love emulators? Idiots, that’s who. Playing SNES games on Vita, Mega Drive, maybe PS2, or Dreamcast, or N64… it was blissful on PSP. It would be incredible on Vita. Maybe even Amiga, if we’re feeling fruity. And definitely ScummVM.

A media centre

Vita can play music, movies, view images, all that crap, true. But it’s through homebrew developers we get things like Showtime and XBMC: genuinely brilliant media centres that add a lot to the viewing/listening/staring experience and the sorts of things Sony alone just doesn’t bother implementing.

The ability to rip our legally purchased games

We understand why Sony makes you fork out again for PSone games you might already own, or PSP games you bought on UMD. Means you can’t borrow a copy from a mate and rip it, or use a pirated version or whatever. It’s understandable. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be able to rip our own games to the Vita – games we bought with our own money and games we might not want to fork out for all over again. Or games that simply aren’t available on PSN (Space Hulk, take a bow).

A better browser

Because the browser that comes with Vita is rubbish, just as the browser that comes with the PS3 is rubbish. Sony doesn’t exactly seem eager to make many changes of note, so let’s leave it to the hackers to let us use Chrome or Firefox on Vita.

Android apps/games

A hacked OS could lead to an Android OS being installed, which could lead to access to the Google Play Store and all the apps and games it has to offer. Which would be good, unsurprisingly. Because Sony isn’t exactly overwhelming us with Vita apps and Android/iOS-style games. Kairosoft games on Vita? Yes please.

Yes, hacking often leads to piracy. Those who claim otherwise are claiming baloney. But it doesn’t always, and the push of homebrew developers can bring more, better features to a machine. The PSP was near-essential when it was hacked, as opposed to just really good. Same the original Xbox.

We’re not encouraging, we’re sitting on the fence, actually. Just pointing out that not all elements of hacking are bad. Good can come from it. Positives. SNES emulators.

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  • phil

    if it dont invalidate the warranty, bring it on.