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5 Things We’d Do Differently With… Cub Scout Videogame Badges

5 Things We’d Do Differently With… Cub Scout Videogame Badges

ScoutBadgesCub scouts in the US are being given videogame related badges of merit it turns out. Simplified like that you’re probably thinking that sounds amazing, but unfortunately the truth isn’t so exciting. According to Kotaku badges are awarded to kids if they, “understand ESRB ratings, teach others how to play an appropriate game, and create a time plan that incorporates gaming into a schedule with homework and chores.”

That sucks, but these don’t. These are our Play Scout Badges:

Badge_Fallout1. Nuclear Survival Badge – Play Fallout 3 to completion: That’s a long old slog of surviving out in the wasteland and should be praised for the perseverance and outright stubbornness it would have required to make it. Extra credit should also be awarded for completing the game in a single sitting, only sleeping while your character sleeps as if to play the game in real time.

Badge_BioShock2. Basic Plumbing Badge – Complete all hack puzzles in BioShock: Rapture is a watery world and that translated to its puzzle solving, which is a very solid foundation for further study of plumbing networks. Trust us on this one. We managed to refit the entire Play office’s toilet network to make every flush more efficient thanks to BioShock.

Badge_MW23. Leon’s Up Close and Personal Badge – Win Modern Warfare 2 MP session with nothing but melee knife kills: And we should add without using that perk that increases the range of your melee attacks. That’s just cheap. We would also strongly recommend post-game therapy be offered to anyone who achieved this, because frankly it’s a little twisted.

Badge_Bayonetta4. Basic Female Anatomy Badge – Perform all magic kill moves in Bayonetta: Sega has been educating children in the says of the human body for several decades now and the latest attempt at that was of course Bayonetta. Any kind of extended play session with the game will immediately give you a better understanding of the female body and the female experience.

Badge_FF5. Japaonphile Badge – Get past the first 20-25 hours of Final Fantasy XIII and reach ‘the good bit’: Understanding and empathising with other cultures is an important part of what the Scouts should be teaching kids and what better way than having them play FF XIII? After torturing themselves to get to the better parts of the game we’re sure they will have a much more sympathetic understanding of Japanese lifestyles and culture.

**Disclaimer** Play in no way advocates age inappropriate games being played by minors. Parents should always pay attention to the PEGI or BBFC age rating printed on the game box and consider seriously the kind of content the game may be exposing their children to.

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