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5 Things We’d Do Differently With Uncharted 3

uncharted-2-among-thievesSony has seemingly started teasing about the plot and first location to be visited by Nathan Drake in his next adventure. Could Drake be going to Norway to visit the home of polar explorer Roald Amundsen. Only thing is he went missing in 1928. But that got us thinking. What other famous explorers and historical figures have disappeared over the years and what adventures could they springboard for Drake in Uncharted 3.

Percy Fawcett – Went missing around 1925 with his son during an expedition in central Brazil. It is believed that Fawcett was looking for a ‘lost city’ in the region. Before leaving he left instructions that should he go missing no rescue should be attempted for fear that the rescuers would also fall victim to whatever happened to him. It was a fateful decision in the end as no word was heard from him after. It could perhaps be a little too close to the plot of the first Uncharted though.

Amelia Earhart – Back in the day when  the ability to fly a plane was still considered to be something pretty special, Earhart was an aviator of some regard. However, she went missing in 1937 somewhere in the Pacific in an attempt to fly around the world. Many including Earhart’s mother believe that she landed on the ‘uninhabited’ Gardner Island (now known as Nikumaroro). What terrible mysteries could that island be hiding for Drake to uncover?

The MV Joyita – A merchant ship that went missing in 1955 along with its 25 souls on board. A month later the boat was sighted, sinking 600 miles from its designated course with no one on board. Everyone had gone missing. What dastardly scheme or menace could have kidnapped or killed the crew and passengers of this ship?

Vladimir Alexandrov – Went missing after visiting a Nuclear Winter Conference in Madrid. He is credited with the creating a mathematical model showing the spread of a Nuclear Winter in the event of nuclear war. Could Drake be dragged into some Cold War shenanigans in the search for this scientist?

Richey Edwards – The guitarist and writer from the Manic Street Preachers went missing in 1995 just before a promotional tour of the US. His disappearance remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of British music (there are many). Perhaps Drake could turn his next adventure towards Wales and look into the circumstances of Edwards’ vanishing act. Perhaps some deeper plot is afoot.

Original story from Kotaku. Additional info from Wikipedia

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