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5 Things We’d Do Differently With The Medal Of Honor Reboot


According to Medal Of Honor producer Greg Goodrich, “We never chose Afghanistan.” An interesting thing to say given the potential controversy surrounding the choice of location for EA’s latest shooter. “Afghanistan sort of chose us. We had a story we wanted to tell and it was about a certain group of individuals. And that’s where they happened to be. And so we ended up there.”

But where else could Medal Of Honor have gone to? What directions could this reboot have traveled if Play had been put in charge of it? We think we could have come up with something far more unique than EA did.

Medieval1. Medal Of Honor: Medieval Warfare – World War II has been done, modern warfare is covered, Vietnam is too obvious and Battlefield has already tackled future warfare. Ancient combat could have been an option, but the RTS and hack ‘n’ Slash genres pretty much have all of those covered. What we need is to fill up that millennium between the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of an Enlightened Europe with some first-person action. You could be a bowman in the Crusades or a Knight fighting in the Hundred Years’ War. So much history and yet we’ve never been thrown into the thick of it in an FPS before. Medal Of Honor is missing a trick.

0430leg12. Medal Of Honor: Lego Land Assault – We’re thinking of the one in Windsor of course, because lets face it if a terrorist group really wanted to strike at the west it would probably make a move on the weaker and more easily infiltrated satellite of the United States that is Britain than hit US mainland. that’s just silly. What the enemies of the west would go after is a symbol of democratic decadence like Lego Land and you would lead a crack squad of SAS trained in the art of brick building. It would be like MacGyver, but with people shouting, “anyone got a sixer?” The whole plan would probably fall apart at the end though when the carefully constructed weapon you had spent three hours building was destroyed by your younger brother. Damn him!

Ayman_Press3. Medal Of Honor: Press Core – Why do we always have to play as soldiers. Pretty much every squad in Iraq and Afghanistan has an embedded journalist traveling with them these days. You could be there with your bright blue vest (makes you easier to spot) and a camera recording everything as your companions take on the full might of the insurgency. Bonus points could be awarded for only showing one side of the story and for getting moving interviews with the troops about how much they love freedom. A truly successful mission would lead to a movie deal based on the material you got together. Yay for freedom of the press!

FEMA_-_11071_-_Photograph_by_Mark_Wolfe_taken_on_09-22-2004_in_Florida4. Medal Of Honor: Front Office Manager – Have you ever considered the amount of paperwork that goes into waging a war? It’s a lot and that’s just the fighting bit. What about recruiting young and impressionable youths to the forces of liberty? That takes time, paper and pens. Managing the administration of the armed forces is a difficult and sometimes life-threatening form of employment. It deserves to be honored with a videogame treatment if you ask us. Make it so EA.

Letargo_video5. Metal Of Hönör – EA is best pals with Tim Schafer and Double Fine these days, so it should definitely tap him up for a Metal Warfare game. Think Battle of the Bands, but with a body count. Like Brütal Legend it should have literally face melting solos, explosive pyrotechnics and plenty of long hair. No one shoudl underestimate the warzone that is the music industry and you could lead the charge as the majesty and righteousness of Heavy Metal seeks to destroy the blasphemous sounds of Pop, Rap and Techno. They will burn in eternal hellfire having felt the full wrath of our riffs.

Quotes via Kotaku

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  • Sandy

    absolutely brilliant!! I especially like the journalist idea is just one of the funniest ever!! Keep up the good work!