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5 Things We’d Do Differently With Portal 2

5 Things We’d Do Differently With Portal 2


We have no issue at all with how Valve is putting Portal 2 together. It’s looking amazing and we can’t wait to play the best console version on PS3 ; – ) However, we have been thinking about ways that the Portal name could be stretched to new properties above and beyond first-person puzzle adventures.

1. Portal Kombat – A mischievous beat-’em-up in which the world’s greatest fighters meet under the patronage of Aperture Science in fights to the death to determine the greatest warrior in the world. the only problem is that Portal guns are being used constantly around the fighters so they must avoid these pitfalls (or take advantage of them) while fighting.

2. Portal Turismo – Rather than racing on set stages Portal racing involved racing around and through portals taking you from one location to another and from course to course in one seamless race. The challenge there is of course that you will need to set up your vehicle perfectly to handle whatever conditions you may be faced with.

3. Portal Keeper – A little like a tower defense game or Lemmings, this game would see you play as GLaDOS, attempting to kill as many test subjects as possible and in as imaginative and creative ways as you can muster. Bonus points will be awarded for enticing them with cake.

4. The Sims: Portal Edition – A more sedate, but no less sadistic version of the tower defense idea. this time you would be given a whole facility of test subjects to manage and must, for the sake of science, set them challenges and obstacles in their lives to yield results. This could actually by GLaDOS’ origin story.

5. Portal-Nauts – Developed by Double Fine naturally, this game would actually take place inside GLaDOS’ mind as you attempt (probably in vain) to sort out whatever the hell went wrong with her. The resultant world of weirdness will probably destroy you. It would be wonderful though.

Got some ideas of your own? Let us know.

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    I’d like that sims game