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5 Things We Would Want To See From An inFamous Sequel

5 Things We Would Want To See From An inFamous Sequel

cole_readyAs ever the run up to E3 is full of rumour and speculation as to what sequels and new games Sony will be showing off at E3 and one of the hot tips at the moment is inFamous. You can feel the electricity in the air surrounding this rumour (that is the beginning and the end of the electric jokes in this piece by the way). However, there are some areas that inFamous could improve in, so what are they?

1. New Powers – Cole MacGrath’s final array of abilities was actually pretty good. He built up from simply firing bolts to throwing shock grenades, large bolts, grinding on electric wires and rails, gliding and floating, force pushing and generating a shield. There was was lightning storm stuff too, but how about some more? What more could Cole do with his control over electricity? Could he be mixing up his abilities a little more for a bigger impact? We’d like to think so.

2. New City – Empire City was pretty cool and while at times there was nothing about it that really stood out we can at least say that it wasn’t as flat and generic looking as most open world locations. It had some character, even if it was a little grey sometimes. Given the rather rotten state it was left in by the end of inFamous though we’d like a new place to mess up, preferably with a little extra colour.

3. New Models – inFamous wasn’t a terrible looking game, but the character models clearly weren’t top notch. Animation was fairly strong, but in cut scenes and close ups it started to look a little out of date. In this post Uncharted 2 world we’re going to need a little more from the inFamous cast. Hopefully Sucker Punch will have gotten a better grip on the PS3 in the last year to make that possible.

4. New Karma – The good and bad action mechanic in inFamous wasn’t a bad idea, but it was very black and white and for a mechanic, quite mechanical. It served a purpose in so much as it created two ways of playing the game. One was as a conservative, cautious and super accurate hero who protected the weak and punished the wicked and the second was as a calculating, vicious, immoral villain who simply took down other villains to cement his power over the city. It was a solid 50/50 split, but we would like more from this area of the game should a sequel emerge.

5. Chain Link Solution – As Penny Arcade beautifully illustrated, chain link fences were something of an issue in inFamous since Cole could neither shoot through them, climb them or easily leap over them. Not exactly the stuff of superheroes. Having said that Superman couldn’t step up onto the curb in Superman Returns (you had to fly up to the curb), so Cole was hardly the worst offender in this field. Something to work on though guys.

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  • Dave Moore

    i’d want the original voice actor from the first game as he’s been replaced.Cole wouldn’t be the same with someone else.

  • cajun

    I’d LOVE to see Prototype 2.
    oops – wrong website.

    Alex would split Cole in two if given the chance lol.

  • Cole

    I would like to see more variation in the gameplay. There was relatively little variance between the types of missions you were required to undertake. Kill some bad guys or escort some bad guys or protect some good guys and then do an underground mission to restore electricity then repeat. The original also lacked a little something around gameplay mechanics or something. Dare I say it but moving between buildings and taking down bad guys was far more satisfying in Crackdown as opposed to Infamous.

  • New Powers – Love to see a teleport, but make it like the lightning bolt. You aim and “throw” yourself to the new location… kinda like the reapers could but with upgrades you could zip around the city at a rate of making grinding look slow.

    (also everyone in the first one seemed to be able to do it but you)

  • jackhayes

    Some stealth options would be nice. Kinda like uncharted 2 where you can stealth if you want to but don’t have to

  • lDEFYl

    this is my #1 anticipated sequel so far, even more so than LBP2…if these improvements/fixes are made and SP goes all the way then this game will easily become the best sandbox action game ever…imo

    I seriously can’t wait for E3 just bc of this one sequel

  • Alex

    The chain link fences blocking your electric attacks was an intentional choice based on science. Look up “Faraday cages”

  • A very fair and true point, but it still doesn’t explain why he can’t climb the things. Anyway, inFamous 2 is now official. Yay!

  • Sean

    I thought overall the game was really fun and the powers that you obtained as you progressed was really cool, especially the gliding one. The only negative I can think of were the cutscenes, they seemed alittle rushed and lacked polish.