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5 things we expect from Burnout Crash. If it’s real.

Burnout Crash, eh? It’s not even official yet, so if it ends up not being real or having its name changed we could look quite the fools for talking about it. Still, it’s an excuse to write a list of DEFINITE THINGS we will DEFINITELY SEE in the game. If it exists. Which it probably does, let’s be honest. GO LIST GO:

We’ll go out on a limb here and make this bold, life-changing claim: Burnout Crash will feature crashing. It might be of the game itself thanks to some unforeseen bugs – though we doubt it – but it should also definitely feature the kind of crashing where cars go BOOM and stuff.

A bold prediction here, offered up by none other than ‘Renegade’ Ian Dransfield: Burnout Crash will feature cars. Not just any old cars, but cars that race. There’s a reason ‘Maverick’ Ian Dransfield is referred to as ‘Dynamo’ – it’s because of predictions like these.

More crashing
What’s more fun than crashing? MORE CRASHING.

We’re not quite confident enough in our psychic abilities to predict the exact genres of music that will be on show in Crash. Though it is almost nailed-on that Bad Religion will be involved. And if they’re not, we’re just going to play it while listening to them. So there.

Achieved with CryEngine 3
Because it definitely makes games about 300 times better when you put this kind of phrasing on one of the introductory logos. Definitely not twatty at all, oh no siree.

There’s probably an 80% correct-strike rate there. We’re so damn good at predictions.

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  • Hutton121

    I sooo hope that this is a throwback to burnout takedown, so fast that if you play it after 9pm you have zero chance of sleep and the whole game revolves around crashing into as much shit as you can!

  • Joey

    Bad Religion are good, great other people still remember.
    Notice how You and Big Bang both sound the same though?

  • Ian Dransfield

    I have to let them off – it must be hard to come up with things that sound different after going for 30 years.