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5 Things To Remember When Playing Vanquish

5 Things To Remember When Playing Vanquish

Thinking about picking up Vanquish this weekend? Well, there are a few things we would ask you to keep in mind when you do. You see some people don’t seem to be getting the most out of Shinji Mikami’s latest game and we want you to get the best experience possible.

1. Vanquish Is Not A Cover Shooter – Yes, you can use cover and at times you will need to, but you shouldn’t be playing Vanquish like Gears Of War or even Uncharted. Cover is just a place to recharge, not a place to fight from. You need to get up close and personal, making much fuller use of the amazing abilities the ARS suit offers. More on those shortly.

2. You’re Not Supposed To Take It Seriously – On the scale of gaming seriousness there is Heavy Rain on one end and Space Invaders on the other. Vanquish may have a story, but it’s very much leaning toward the retro shooter rather than Quantic Dream’s adult drama. You’re just supposed to have fun shooting things. Nothing more.

3. It’s Meant To Be Replayed – Like classic games of combo building and score chasing Vanquish is intended to be replayed. It may only be about 6 hours long, but that’s a good length for such intense gameplay. Your second playthrough will likely be more enjoyable too as you are more familiar with the controls and your abilities.

4. You Can Slide On Your Knees And Shoot Things! – We keep coming back to this particular feature of Vanquish, but that’s only because it epitomises the irreverence and excitement inherent to Vanquish’s gameplay. It’s ridiculous and unnecessary, but it’s fun. Sometimes realism can just go to hell.

5. Seriously… On Your Knees – Yeah, we couldn’t think of a 5th thing to remember, but it’s worth repeating that final point. Vanquish is about doing ridiculous things, fighting ridiculous enemies in a ridiculous world. If you’re not going to embrace that then there’s no point in playing the game. Have fun or die; it’s basically that simple.

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  • Rush

    I love the Easter Eggs in this game. The one with the dancing robots is funny. Look for it.