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5 Reasons To Be Excited About Costume Quest

5 Reasons To Be Excited About Costume Quest

We on Play are rather excited about upcoming Double Fine PSN and Live Arcade game Costume Quest. The reasons for this excitement are many and diverse. Let us share some of them with you.

It’s Double Fine – A fine excuse to be excited by any game. This developer is one of the most creative in the business and one of the funniest. We loved BrĂ¼tal Legend on Play, we loved Psychonauts and we loved all the stuff Tim Schafer did before all that too. We have high hopes for Costume Quest.

Tasha’s In Charge – You may not have heard of Tasha Harris, but she’s the project lead on Costume Quest and a regular comic strip writer/artist on Double Fine’s own website. We’ve been reading her stories about the odd behaviour of her cats and the daily oddities of life in San Francisco for some time. Read them yourself HERE.

It’s About Being A Kid – One of the simplest feelings a videogame can give you and one of the most primal is that of returning to your youth. That’s basically what Zelda was all about for Miyamoto and that’s very much what Costume Quest is about too; going on adventures and playing out heroic battles.

You Can Be A Unicorn – Unicorns have experienced a kind of pop culture resergence in recent years. We’re not sure how or why this has happened exactly, but since your outfit in Costume Quest determines your battle character there’s a nifty Fighting Rainbow Unicorn character you can play as.

There Is Another – This is just the first downloadable game Double Fine is working on with another title coming from the studio very soon and at least two further projects in development. Double Fine also recently recruited Ron Gilbert, developer of Death Spank and former colleague of Schafer’s at LucasArts. Exciting times.

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