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5 PSN Games To Watch Out For In 2011

We don’t spend enough time talking about the great games that are arriving weekly on PSN, but we’re beginning to get more and more appearing on the horizon. Here’s a selection of the most interesting we’ve been hearing about recently.


From the makers of a series of highly acclaimed and successful iPhone games comes this cute, but ingenious looking game. You’ll be playing as one of a number of cloud heroes who must save a local people from a dastardly and dark force invading their land. Sounds like it will be a bit of sandbox though with lots of puzzles and activities.


The new downloadable game from Double Fine is looking even more bizarre and brilliant than anything else it’s produced before (which is saying something). You’ll play through the game as a small Russian doll character who is working to reunite his family by jumping into other Russian dolls and controlling them.

Spare Parts

EA is going big on downloadable titles after Shank and Deathspank and one of its big hopes for 2011 is going to be Spare Parts. This action platformer will feature Simon Pegg as a voice actor and looks to be a pretty solid title that could even have worked as a disk release. It is made by the folks behind the latest Harry Potter though.


A very intriguing title coming from Ubisoft this time, Outland has been on our radar for a while now. Developed by the team behind Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation it’s been described as Prince Of Persia meets Ikaruga. You hero can switch colours to become immune to certain attacks as you explore the world. Looks superb.


Another PSN game from EA here moving the Twin Stick Shooter genre from Outer Space to Inner Space, very much like the 1987 movie of that name. You control a microscopic ship inside a human body attempting to wipe out some nanomachines that are destroying it. A simple new twist on a classic genre.

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