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5 PSN Games That Deserve A Sequel

5 PSN Games That Deserve A Sequel


Capcom has announced Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2, which is fantastic news. Rearmed was an excellent action platformer that managed to capture the old-school mechanics and challenge of Bionic Commando in a way that translated well to modern audiences. It was all win in our book. A sequel is definitely welcome, but what other PSN classics could do with another stab at the downloadable pie?

BattlefieldBattlefield 1943: Not exactly surprising that we would want to see DICE take another stab at a download only multiplayer FPS given how brilliant this and Bad Company 2 were to play. Some new islands, perhaps a change in date and Battlefield on PSN would be just as good if not better than before.

CritterCrunchCritter Crunch: Did you bother getting this game? We don’t see much talk about it and without sales figures for PSN being released it’s hard to tell, but we loved Critter Crunch. It was a really sharp puzzle game that while not entirely original had some really good features and gameplay. Well worth a look and well worth a sequel if you ask us.

PegglePeggle: More Peggle! Give it to us now! We neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed more Peggle. Yes, we’re addicted. We don’t care. Just give us more and we won’t kill the kitten. What kitten you ask? This one, under the desk with dynamite strapped to its chest. Now, give us the game.

LastGuyThe Last Guy: This was one of the earliest PSN games to capture people’s imaginations. Again, it wasn’t the most complicated game of all time in terms of gameplay, but the idea of playing a disaster survival game with Google Earth style images of the real world really seemed to resonate. Of course there are plenty more locations the game could go to and lots of new terrors it could use to scare us. Perhaps volcanic eruptions for instance.

WipeoutWipeOut HD: Or any kind of WipeOut frankly. It seems like far too long since we last got a new WipeOut fix and we could really do with a top up. Sure it will be launching in 3D later in the year (probably this summer), but we want something new. Help us out Sony, please.

Honorable mentions: Savage Moon (even though it will make us want to kill ourselves by making us feel useless), Age of Booty, Shatter and anything from thatgamecompany, makers of Flower and flOw.

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  • lDEFYl

    Agree with Wipeout 100%..I think basically all of the PixelJunk games deserve sequels bc they’re all awesome. Also, Flower deserves a sequel