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5 PS3 games that’ll kick ass this Christmas


Christmas is nearly upon us – boo! Every year, the holiday period becomes gradually more depressing as we all painfully embrace old age, but the games perennially deliver. In 2007, the 360 had BioShock, Mass Effect and Halo 3. Without a doubt, it was Microsoft’s year, while Sony struggled along with Lair, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and, to a lesser extent, Uncharted. This year, I’m a little more confident about the PS3’s prospects; as well as the usual batch of exciting, exclusive titles, the range of multiformat games on the market is also more interesting than it has been in recent years. Here are our picks:


Fallout 3

Released: 31 October

It’s hard to gauge people’s interest in Bethesda’s follow-up to Oblivion, given that the game is a follow-up to two ancient, PC-only classics. Then again, the concept – post-apocalypse in Washington – hardly screams commercial success, so it’s likely to be one of those titles that sells steadily over an extended period of time. Then again, I don’t really care how many it sells. Fallout 3 will be incredible.


Mirror’s Edge

Released: 11 November

We received preview code for Mirror’s Edge in the office, today, so I’ll try to post some hands-on impressions later in the week. With the emphasis on pace, quick kills and daring acrobatics, Mirror’s Edge looks accomplished enough to live up to the promise of that first trailer. Bouncy.


Prince Of Persia

Released: 5 December

With issue 170, we became the first folk in the world, outside of Ubisoft, to play Prince Of Persia on the PS3. Of course, that only lasted for ten minutes, so we’re still in the dark as to what the game is really about, aside from one-on-one encounters, crazy platforming and the interplay between the Prince and new chick Elika. Gorgeous cel-shading, though. Can’t bloody wait.



Released: 24 October

Finally in for review, the response to LittleBigPlanet is fairly overwhelming… people seem to love it. While I panic that the limited memory of the creation tool will hamper gamers’ ambition, it still offers an unprecedented level of customisation. Plus, Stephen Fry provides hilarious narration.


MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

Released: 31 October (probably)

We loved MotorStorm, and our score stands as one of the highest on Metacritic. It lacked, however, a number of features that could’ve made it the PS3’s defining racing title. Split-screen multiplayer, for example. Differing environments. Monster trucks. Obviously, I’ve made a concerted effort to highlight stuff that’s actually in Pacific Rift, but you get the idea. This aims, and should succeed, going by what I’ve played, to be the ultimate version of MotorStorm. Aces.

Honorable mentions: Resistance 2 (too brown), Call Of Duty: World At War (by Treyarch), Far Cry 2 (PS3 version might be dodgy), Guitar Hero: World Tour (join a real band), FIFA 09 (blah, blah, blah), Dead Space (some flaws), WipEout HD (more of the same, but prettier) and BioShock (came out on 360 last year).

Got any other suggestions? Comment below!

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  • BPatches701

    Where the hell is Socom? That game is going to make all other shooters look very very dull!

  • 4pocalyps3

    hmm thout dissidia wud b ther…then agen am jus a ff fan. bu yh dissidia ftw!! 🙂

  • cell989

    You forgot Resistance 2!!!

  • Davey Jay

    While this list does contain some great games, 3 of them are coming to the 360 too. The beginning of this article seems like it would contain reasons why it’s titles are better than Microsofts, while there are only two that are JUST for PS3. I could make a 360 list that includes 1, 2, and 3 and just add Gears 2 and Fable 2. What are some PS3 EXCLUSIVES that are reason enough to make this Sony’s year? I would have at least switched out PoP for Resistance.
    I really hope next year Sony will prove themselves. If they do, I’ll put a PS3 right next to my 360… in an open environment, so as to not RROD. 😛

  • wtf

    This list is good but where is re2,socom?

  • ThatDude

    Yea SOCOM should’ve been there along with RESISTANCE 2. (I can’t believe you didn’t a game that’ll break the barrier in multiplayer limits)

  • Dave

    Resistance 2 ???????
    Socom ?????
    And stop writing about mutliplatform games, thats why SONY pay milloins on there own studios

  • outwar6010

    WHAT? im in the socom beta and its just terrible the 3 biggest shooters are killzone 2, resistance 2 and quantum of solace.

  • truth

    What? Resistance 2 is too brown you say? http://ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/912/912564/resistance-2-20080923112821433.jpg there’s a crap ton of color there. You don’t know anything.

  • bryan

    uhhhh where the hell is Resistance 2 is the real question…

  • Sorry but POP is looking more dull every time I see it.. shame really as I love the SOT trilogy.


    this is by far the shittiest list i’ve ever seen, R2: TOO BROWN WTF?!? and since when did heavenly sword ratchet and Uncharted suck

  • WTF?!

    WTF? Where the hell is Resistance 2? These guys don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • someone

    umm…. really…. resistance 2…. where is that at?

  • me

    resistance 2?

  • Leland

    No resistance ur crazy

  • Shqype

    Prince of Persia isn’t that great to be on this list … and Resistance 2 should definitely be on there!

  • Footie Cat

    Sony get it together! I’m getting tired of waiting!


    Where the hell is Resistance 2?! You have got to be kidding me to have games like fallout 3, mirror’s edge and prince of persia. Aren’t all 3 of those multiplatformers? They aren’t kicking ass on the ps3 if you can get them on other consoles.

  • Awesome dude! this post rules, cant wait untill xmas