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5 Places PlayStation Move Won’t Work

With the fanboy wars over motion control tech now in full swing we’re seeing a lot of stories talking about all the things Kinect and Move can and can’t do. ‘You can’t stand up’, ‘you can’t be too close’, ‘you can’t play in the dark’ and so on.

Obviously we’re backing PlayStation Move on Play, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to make outrageous claims about what it can achieve. To prove our impartial love of Move, here’s some places you won’t be able to use it.

Behind A Wall – The PlayStation Eye cannot see through walls. This is a major design flaw on Sony’s part as X-Ray technology is clearly going to be the next battleground of this generation. Sony is giving up ground to Nintendo and Microsoft here if you ask us as we’re sure both has this tech in development.

Fog – Low visibility locations such as foggy streets are no good for Move as the Eye will not be able to see the light from the end of the controller. Given Kinect’s infra-red detection you may well be able to use the Xbox 360 motion controller in foggy conditions. This remains unconfirmed at this time.

Hall Of Mirrors – Again we have an issue with the PlayStation Eye here as it will likely be confused by the multiple images it will be picking up. With so many reflections of the controller orb it may have difficulty picking up your movements accurately. Bruce Lee would have hated Move.

Under Water – One of the biggest flaws of PlayStation Move’s design is its reliance on an electrical current to make it work. This severely limits where you will be able to set up a Move gaming session with family and friends. Playing Move underwater therefore is completely out of the question.

Midday in the Desert – At night in the desert you’ll probably be fine setting up some Move gaming, but at the peak of the day, in blistering sunlight, you’ll have problems. Putting dehydration to one side for the moment, the intense light will hide your Move controller from the PlayStation Eye. Oh dear.

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  • Jetson

    Well, thanks for the update, Captain Obvious.

  • casual gamer

    Hands up all those who will be gaming in the hall of mirrors… LMAO
    This list is a joke, playing behind a wall, seriously??
    Finally the move switches to bluetooth mode when the ps eye can’t see it, but it is inconvenient of you go too far (i.e. behind a wall) as you will not be able to see your TV.

  • Megamorf

    Your article is flawed. Move does work behind walls, behind your back behind almost any object that blocks it from the camera sight.

    The controller has several built-in mechanics that can track the controller’s direction, speed and acceleration. This can be used to track your movements even if the camera can’t see the controller.

    The only downside is that these mechanics only work for a certain amount of time until they get less accurate. Nonetheless this contradicts your list of arguments.


  • Tomas

    But there are plenty walls in my appartment!
    Evil! Evil! Evil!

  • @Jetson You’re welcome

  • csreynolds

    Tomas, I think you’ve missed the apparent sarcasm in the writer’s tone…

  • csreynolds

    In fact, I think you all have.

  • Nate

    Wow, thank you csreynolds. 4 people in a row thought he was serious…?

  • dude

    ROFL! LMFAO! LOL! Undoubtedly, Kinect and WII work in all these conditions. I thought this article would be based on an experiment, and would be interesting. However, it ended up being cynical and hilarious. Brilliant!

  • if comments were an IQ test

    wow! comments 1,2 & 3 [especially 2 :D] just reflect the death of comprehension of sarcasm …in it’s most basic and obvious form

    totally tongue in cheek fellas, keep your move wand and secondary penis in your trousers – sheesh!

  • Sam Vernoholica

    Yeah true these situations dont quite work with the PS Move. But really would i be seen playing with it underwater, in fog or in a desert? I think most would people really would leave their TVs in the living room.

  • moto

    author is idiot
    who wants to play with move under water
    days after days and more idiots on earth

  • Snake

    You missed a point. Move doesn’t work if you want to play from UK and your console is in the US

  • Lee

    lol at all the Americans flaming this article, it’s obviously sarcastic because the move has no flaws. This was written for a bit of fun on a slow news day so stop the flaming, im super cereal.

  • Sean

    @Lee lol atlast somebody realises. Like the article by the way, made me laugh (abit).

  • Garan

    Oh god,it’s suprising how many people can’t identify sarcasm.

  • lol…of course Move won’t play in any of those conditions.

    I freaking lol with this articles 😀


    I lol’d pretty hard at the “behind walls” one. Good article hahaha

  • cell989

    lol people thought this facts were REAL,lol

  • shabby

    Wow I love dumb people…….And I bet you were thinking about playing in the middle of a foggy road. I say go for it and see if that’s the only problem you might have!

  • Fox

    I think some of these people commenting are trolls, no one can be truly stupid enough to not know satire when they read it……right?

  • Kisama

    Pretty sad how most people don’t understand sarcasm.

  • Joachim

    JonGordon is indeed correct, If Sony doesn’t come up with a solution soon, I’m afraid there going to be left behind leading to many disappointed fans.

  • BlitzWave

    ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! great article, very orignal xD

  • ImCalledDave

    DAMN! but what about that ps3 i just set up in my patch of the sahara i just bought? i thought if i set it up in the mirrored swimming pool it’s be protected from the heat! 🙁

  • Christopher

    How idiotic are you guys, playing the game underwater. Uh hello Moron, who plays video games underwater No ONe stupid. besides most of these dont apply to the large broad demographic of gamers worldwide. NOt all of us have a hall of mirrors or use MOVE behind a wall. WOw you guys SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.

  • spaget

    actualy this post is just a good example of good satiire and farce…..he’s pretty much just makin fun of the fact that people are looking for flaws just to backup any hatred they have for the ps3….although the Playstation ‘MOVE’ has’nt come out yet.and by the demonstraions they have given, it looks like its going to have little or no flaw…hopefully.

  • Hey, you CAN play under water!
    You just need 3 transparent and seaworthy packings, like… condoms?
    Then you have to put it in very tight so the no water will make it way inside (especially for the PS Eye) and – tadah! – let’s roll! (Or rather: LET’S DIVE!!)
    Oh and I forgot: You’ll need a waterproof TV, either. Hmmm…

    Greetz from Germany,

  • jol

    To the author, I think you missed a very important limitation:

    Outer space – It is currently unknown how well the PlayStation Move system operates in outer space. We have unconfirmed reports of PlayStation Eye cameras floating off the top of television sets. In addition we suspect that the lack of a strong gravitational field may have a detrimental effect on on the function of the accelerometers, and the weakness of the earth’s magnetic field on outer space is also expected to inhibit the PlayStation Move’s magnetometer.

    But seriously, I can’t believe so many people were unable to detect the tongue in cheek tone of this article. If the article wasn’t funny enough by itself, it became hilarious after I read the first three comments.

  • TryingToKeepItClean

    “Hey, you CAN play under water!
    You just need 3 transparent and seaworthy packings, like… condoms?”

    So, I’m thinking that you can find a use for the move in all of those situations… even if it’s not playing a video game…

  • Richard

    I love how people think this is serious 🙂

  • leanne

    i cant get my ps move controller to work cany any one help

  • Are you standing behind a wall?