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5 Other Game Endings That Need Changing

5 Other Game Endings That Need Changing


Following the vast outpouring of grief over Mass Effect 3’s ‘terrible’ endings, director Casey Hudson has acknowledged that there could be valid complaints about how Bioware ended the series.


Apparently, the developer isn’t ruling anything out when it comes to potentially changing the ending. Which is extraordinary when you get down to it, but given the fan reaction we can see why he came out to placate the vast throngs of ‘wronged’ gamers. After all, there’s no need to upset those very same people that buy all of your DLC, is there? No.


Which got us thinking: maybe this could happen for other games that have had shitty endings. In the past, we simply got on with it, but now that everyone is allowed a say we’re going to round up the Play lobbying fund and get these terrible endings changed.


1. Metal Gear Solid 4


Less an ending and more the desperate blabbering of a crazed videogame kingpin, MGS 4 is a classic example of what happens when a series overlord is drunk on power and high on bad writing. An hour-long cutscene where a woman marries a man who can’t stop shitting himself, two children become friends and an old man meets his father, who died years ago but don’t worry about all that.


It’s astronomically dreadful, but it has long been rumoured that it wasn’t all Kojima’s fault. According to this, Koj wanted the ending to have Snake and Otacon executed for operating outside the law.


Which would probably explain the whole ‘ultimate sacrifice’ theme running through trailers and adverts for the game, as well as THE MAIN MENU. Koj allegedly changed the ending because his staffers thought it too bleak. Thanks guys.


2. Condemned 2


The original Condemned was a creepy-as-balls 360 launch title that focused on a detective hunting down a sadistic serial killer in a run-down town that may or may not have been Stoke. The new (for the time) tech enabled developer Monolith to really crank up the atmosphere, and the first-person viewpoint and combat gave survival horror a next-gen shot in the arm.


So obviously Monolith ditched a lot of the survival horror stuff for all-out combat in the sequel – because BIGGER/BETTER/BADASSERER is KEY – but it was still a stiflingly oppressive game, in the good way that all horror aspires to.


And then you gained the power to shout people’s heads off.


Yes, part of the mystery surrounding the two games is a conspiracy surrounding main character Ethan Thomas’s origins. After a lot of plodding around looking at documents and enduring sub-X Files dialogue it turns out he’s got weird vocal chords that enable him to shout really loudly and pop heads, Scanners-style.


So, to recap: Condemned 2 went from being a moody, well-paced action/horror title into a game where you shout loudly until people give up. We assume part 3 will see Thomas as a Republican politician.


 3. Metal Gear Solid 2


7 million people bought Metal Gear Solid 2. At a push, maybe half of those made it to the ending. Maybe 10% of that managed to stay awake through Kojima’s inane babblings about robots, passing on memories and falling out with your girlfriend and such. 0% of people understood it, because it was terrible, terrible nonsense that no-one can defend. Metal Gear Solid and MGS 3 are masterpieces because you imagine at some point someone told Kojima to shut it and start cutting out all this noise about nanomachines. Sadly, this doesn’t figure into MGS 2 and 4.


4. L.A. Noire


A classic case of shunting in an action sequence to appease those who think every game needs an end ‘boss’, L.A. Noire’s final mission is terrible. Up until then it’s a game about shouting in people’s faces (maybe the LAPD should hire Ethan Thomas) until you break either a case or the game’s logic paths.


Then you spend twenty or so minutes in a storm drain fighting against both a guy with a flamethrower and terrible controls. Needless to say, it wasn’t very satisfying.



 5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Another high-profile title scolded by players over its weak endings, Deus Ex’s multiple choices boiled down into going into a room and either pressing one of three buttons (depending on how well you played the game) or ignoring them and hitting a rogue fourth button down the hall. It was a shame that all of the game’s choices meekly boiled down to what you did in this room, made worse by the fact that the entire last level was insufferable.


The game seemed to reach its natural conclusion in the stage before you flew to Antarctica, leading to players racing through the environment just to finish the game. Oh, and technology-zombies running at you was a terrible idea. Terrible.



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  • stephen

    homefront had the mother of all bad endings

  • Dave Moore

    Red dead redemption.worse ending ever.
    cliqued,expected and made john marston totally selfish.needs correcting.

  • Jack

    Assassins Creed Brotherhood had a pretty bad ending.

  • Conor

    I loved Red dead’s ending, it was fitting considering the theme was John couldn’t escape his past and in the end it caused him to be killed. It was a brilliant albeit sad ending in my book. I think Dragon age 2 had a terrible ending which isn’t surprising coinsidering the whole game is terrible!

  • Heath

    The zombies in Deus Ex were completely logical according the theme of game. it made it so tempting to start shooting even if you were pacifist before.

  • Hey I also I loved Red dead’s ending,

  • Dave Moore

    Red dead redemptions ending is inexcusable because of what the whole story was about,John returning to his family.He finally gets back to them gets himself killed and as a result leaves them unprotected.He didn’t know if the men who killed him would or wouldn’t go after his family after he died.John tries to escape his past?How,by making a totally selfish decision.I thought Rockstar wouldn’t make that mistake,i was wrong. unforgivable ending.

  • Conor

    Not every ending has to be a happy one,it was a perfect ending