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5 Movies To Watch on MUBI Before You Die!

5 Movies To Watch on MUBI Before You Die!

We’ve been aching for a subscription based movie service in PS3 for an age and it looks like we could finally be getting one thanks to Sony’s deal with MUBI, revealed at the Cannes film festival. the application will launch in the autumn for free with some movies also free to watch, others requiring one off rental payments and the optionĀ  of a monthly, unlimited subscription. What MUBI specialises in is arthouse cinema, so here are our picks of things to look forward to after the summer and the games you should play after.

goodfellas1. Goodfellas followed by Mafia II – Scorsese’s best movie? That’s a hard call given his superb back catalogue of pictures, but Goodfellas is certainly among the most colourful and engrossing. It would also make a perfect partner to 2K’s upcoming gangster game Mafia II, which pays many tributes to the Ray Liotta starring film.

chinatown2. Chinatown followed by LA Noire – One of the all time great noir films, Chinetown will likely have been an important mood setter for the Team Bondi guys as they put together this open world crime investigation game. We’re really looking forward to LA Noire and having Polanski’s film to watch in the mean time is only going to excite us more.

lebowski3. The Big Lebowski followed by Brunswick Bowling – The Coen brothers can be an acquired taste, but The Big Lebowski is one of their most accessible movies and its love of bowling is contagious. Gods be praised then that PlayStation Move will be bringing Brunswick Bowling to the PS3 later this year so you can get your fix without living your lounge.

Title - Bladerunner4. Blade Runner followed by Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Neo-film-noir-sci-fi. Blade Runner is a lot of things to a lot of people and could well be one of the most influential pieces of media ever created. Deus Ex has always felt very closely related to Ridley Scott’s film and the next installment should be similarly themed.

eternalsunshine5. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind followed by Katamari – A mind bending romantic comedy where the world is seemingly falling apart followed by a galactic prince rolling a giant ball around and destroying the world. They go together like milk and crackers or cheese and cookies.

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