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5 instruments needing the Rock Band treatment

5 instruments needing the Rock Band treatment

Rock Band 3 was rumoured to have keyboards involved for a while now, but it’s been officially revealed via a report by USA Today. And yes, the plinky-plonk boards are involved, along with the ability to play in ‘pro’ mode – which involves actually playing a real guitar. This frightens us slightly. But instead of staying fearful, we have decided to come up with a list of five more instruments we would like to see in the world of Rock Band. We’re sure you’ll agree they’re all tinged with genius.


We may have chosen this one almost entirely because we wanted to avoid saying ‘trumpet’ too much, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a respectable sound out of the flugester. A trumpet with a funny name: perfect for Rock Band 9, though we’re not sure if you’d actually have to physically exert yourself to play it or not.


One of the greatest – and most respected – instruments of our age, owned by many across the country and just as popular with amateurs as it is the pros. The introduction of the kazoo in Rock Band 23 would mean marathon sessions of the Benny Hill Theme Tune and the opening music to Jonny Briggs. Rock Bandy bliss, no doubt.


The Alan Parsons Project! ELO! Domo Arigato Mr Roboto! The possibilities for dicking around with a vocoder aren’t just for comedy effect, they would also make Rock Band 11 one of the most finely-honed musical demonstrations of all time, able to show the world how important to music the vocoder really is.


Octocontrabass Clarinet
This instrument has been named more times than it has been made – one exists in the world, yet it has three names (octo contra bass and sub-contra bass accompanying the one above). It is also capable of playing the lowest note of, possibly, any instrument in existence. To the point where it may well be out of the range of human hearing. Also the instrument stands over eight feet tall. Still, if Harmonix run out of ideas by Rock Band 325 there’s always the option of putting this in there.


Because everything needs more cowbell.

Oh, and check below for the USA Today video, which shows all the details you could ever want to see. Well, some of them at least.

[all images from Wikimedia Commons]

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  • lDEFYl

    ok I wouldn’t mind the cowbell

  • john

    A trumpet would be AMAZING!!! My mate and i were discussing this a while back, we were listening to some jazz and were wondering how amazing it would be to play along to Miles or Chet Baker. Sort it out Activision!